Monday, 6 May 2013

VINTAGE; In 1949

One of the finds of the weekend was this promotional photograph from Grinnell's a once famous organ and piano maker from Detroit. Established in 1882 as "Grinnell Brother's", they sold upright, baby grand and player pianos until they were declared bankrupt in 1981. Nevertheless by the 1930's Grinnell's were the suppliers for the pianos and organs in the annual Michigan Music Festival which claimed to be the world's largest piano recital which for decades had attracted more then a thousand participants. The festival was held  over the years between the State Fair Coliseum, Olympia Stadium and then the Cobo Hall until the festival was stopped in 1973.

The image I manged to find from an estate sale is dated to 1949, Grinnell advertising lines around the ring and row upon row of pairs of players line the hall floor. What I love most is the little girl in the foreground standing right before the railing of the balcony on which she stands. Even though we're seeing her figure from behind, she appears so captivated by the piano playing before her, and her dress, well that seems extremely pretty. It makes you wonder who she is, and even if she is still alive.

I can't wait to get this photograph framed and up hanging on my wall. 

If you're intrigued by the Grinnell story I came across this great resource from the Historic Detroit website which gives more insight in the history, photographs of their buildings from around Detroit, and later the social changes which ultimately sealed the fate of Grinnell's. 

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