Monday, 30 September 2013

LIFE: 27 North American Places I Want to Visit

So today is the big 27 for me, i'm not really one to go sharing everything I received so I thought I'd throw out something a little different to celebrate. While I hate the term "bucket list" instead I'll call it my one-day-I-would-love-to-visit list of places in North America. 

Autumn colours in central and northern Michigan
Washington DC (probably more then 27 places there alone!)
Headlands International Dark Sky, Michigan
Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan
Chicago (again!)
Fallingwaters, Pennsylvania
Dollywood - yes Dolly Parton has her own theme park
Dawsons & Stevens Classic Dinner - 1950's styled diner with tonnes of coke memorabilia - Grayling, Michigan
Cedar Point, Ohio
UFO welcome center, South Carolina
Eastern Market, Detroit
Florida Keys
Laural Highlands, Pennsylvania
Hitsville, Motown Museum, Detroit
Yellowstone National Park
The Grand Canyon
Cincinnati Zoo
Le Claire, Iowa - Home of the American Pickers show and store
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Margret Mitchel's House (Gone With the Wind author), Atlanta, Georgia
Windsor, Ontario - merely for the view of Detroit over the river!
Niagara Falls
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Drive in movie (not sure it counts but it's on my list!)
Mount Rushmore and the Blackshills of South Dakota - I blame this on Calamity Jane

So there you go, a good mixture of local, semi local and more road trip worthy destinations don't you think?! Some of these places are on our to do list in the next year or so which will be great to experience. But as you can see no New York - why? Well for some reason while I love the big likes and my love for Chicago runs deep, I've never felt the same desire to visit New York, I would rather visit and spend hours and hours in Washington's museums I will admit! 

Which North American places would be on your must visit list?


  1. I've been to a few of those places (Grand Canyon, Vegas, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, and Wash. DC.) I have to say that Yellowstone sticks out as a favorite, though all of those places were great. I have fond memories of doing cross country trips and highly recommend getting out there and seeing all the US has to offer. : )

  2. happy birthday! You've assembled quite the list of places to visit and things to do!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Rachael!

  3. Very fine list. It has been a longstanding ambition of mine to visit all of the states.

    On a side note, I too am not the biggest fan of "bucket list".

  4. Happy birthday. I hope you have a great time celebrating.

    I have been to about half of the places on your list and definitely want to visit most of the others too.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. Happy birthday, hope you had a wonderful day!
    I'd love to go to the Niagara Falls!! :)

    Jess xo

  6. Go to Windsor at night for a really cool view of Detroit.

    You should add a distance train ride to your trip. Either the Zephyr or Empire Builder.