Tuesday, 14 January 2014

LIFE: Things #4

Oh Christmas, you're a joyous time of love and giving but you do get me out of my blogging routine for sure. With it being over a month since my last rambley/ranty things post - it's probably about darn time I do you an update. Granted there's been less rambley ranty things to write about (odd in itself) so more of a life update and you can always share your rants to make up for mine!

Estate sale book mountain // sleeping ed on my toes // Hell // selfie // Reindeer winnings from a claw machine // concrete mixer // British logic

So for the first time in 2014 ...

♥ After last weeks snow days, +3 degrees C now feels like a heatwave - but Hell (a place in Michigan) really did freeze over

♥ Constant stress about renewing my greencard (probably a frequent contender on the things list until it gets renewed  

♥ Grumbling about ebay non payers - story of my life

♥ Trying to wade through the huge backlog of draft posts for my blog ...

♥ Seeing my bloglovin blog followers list grow and grow - thank you much!

♥ Loosing hours google mapping locations of old motels and restaurants found upon vintage postcards and finding many of them have turned into McDonalds

♥ Coupons for BOGO on Culvers concrete mixers - happy times (if you ever happen to be in the Mid West/Plain states pop to Culvers, you won't regret it

♥ Filling bags of books for $5 at an estate sale and spending the afternoon reading 1950's government literature on how to survive an atomic bomb - just a bit of light reading

♥ Speaking of reading, setting up a Goodreads challenge of 30 books for 2014 (you can add me here if we're not already bookworm friends)

♥ Ranting to myself at the increasing non lifestyle blog posts and blogs you find when trawling through the #lbloggers twitter hashtag

♥ Kitties falling asleep on your toes ... to over your arm when you're trying to work

♥ Getting Hulu Plus, binge watching Reign, Ironside and Community and our decision to get around to canceling our cable altogether

♥ I know you like your new baby but you don't need to show how you've dressed it every single day on facebook ...

Oh look I did have a couple of rants in me!


  1. I can't believe the mad weather you had! x

    1. Luckily it's been a lot warmer this week!

  2. Had the 30 book last year and I read so much more. This year I am going for 52! Gonna add you to my friends!
    Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/

    1. I did the challenge in 2014, and for some reason I think it led to me not reading very much in 2013, I was reading to beat the challenge rather than reading for enjoyment. Hopefully my 30 books won't be too off putting come 2015.

  3. I'm with you on the book goal for the year. My original goal was to read 24 books this year, but based on my current progress, I may up it to 30. I know I read more in the winter, but still, I think I got this! : ) Also, don't worry about the green card renewal. Every time we have been up for renewal, the process has been speedier and easier than anticipated.

    1. I get stressed about being thrown out and going through having to prove stuff. Ahhh. And breathe!

  4. haha - these make me chuckle.
    I saw the British logic picture the other day and it just makes me laugh. Normally I have conversations like:
    them: where are you from?
    me: England
    them: where abouts
    me: *says the small town I'm from and checks confused face of person*, it's about 1hour north of London
    them: oh! London, you're from London, I know London!
    me: ... I guess I'm from London now.

    I know what you mean about the #lbloggers tag... sometimes I confuse myself to whether I belong there... I like to chat about my life around taking outfit pictures but I'm not really into talking fashion... I apologise if I am one of 'those' blogs :)

    ~ K

    1. Yeah being from Yorkshire I still have to explain how far that is in distance or time from London - it gets annoying. That or i'm Australian .... As for the #lbloggers tag I actually don't mind the outfit posts as they have some lifestyle injected into them, it's when a blog is clearly a beauty blog and every post is beauty - that gets my goat!

  5. haha made me chuckle :)
    I love ramble posts, thats all my blog is haha

  6. If I were to start a rambling post right now I don't think I'd stop and it would turn into a rant!


    1. Rant posts are the best (in my view - get it all out your system!)

    2. Oh, do you not like Fashion Blogs?! For over a year, I had outfit posts, but it was a way to challenge myself to use what I already had and/or dress on a budget. I have started to do a few outfit posts this year, but it was because I was getting really sloppy- wearing my running gear everywhere. Oops! But I do seem to prefer blogs that are about life and incorporate a lot of good writing and cover interesting topics, or at least balance the outfit posts with posts about the person behind the blog. Anyhow, you might think I'm crazy but I miss the snow, but not the zero and below weather! -Jess L

    3. It's not that I don't like them, more that I don't read total beauty or fashion blogs/posts. I've never had any form or sense of being fashionable nor the money for it, so it's never interested me!