Monday, 6 January 2014

MICHIGAN: Harbor Springs

Harbor Springs Harbor Springs Harbor Springs Harbor Springs Harbor Springs Harbor Springs

Now in the post Christmas and New Year hangover, we can all somewhat return to our normally blogging life. For me it's basically catching up with all the things that I didn't get around to posting prior to the festive season. So back when we went on our vacation to Rose City back in October we decieded to travel further north to spend a night in Mackinaw City. To get there we thought we'd go the long way along the top western edge of the Lower Peninsular passing on the way through Harbor Springs.

Harbor Springs is known for it's antique stores, unfortunately the season for such stores been open ends at the beginning of October so there wasn't any vintage picking to be had. It's a charming place founded originally by the Jesuits around a sheltered bay, with streets of brightly painted homes and a wonderful row of high street shops, sadly more catering for the richer clientele than our pockets would allow and probably by the looks of it filled with second homes. At one time it was home to the largest concentration of Native Americans in Michigan.

A walk towards the high street you'll spy hexagonal shaped house (as seen in the second to last image) designed by Ephraim Shay in 1888 (also the inventor of the Shay Locomotive). The house is now listed upon the National Register of Historic Places and is rather famous with both interior and exterior walls stamped in steel plates. The main street itself is worthy of a walk along - just to spy and take sight of a traditional all American row of shops, in smaller towns such as these they remind me of the high streets of the homeland, just a lot straighter.

The blue skies in these photographs seem a world away from the 8 or so inches of snow dusting the lawn in front of our apartment,  amazing the difference in what mother nature can throw at you.


  1. The pictures remind me a little of Disneyland, I don't know why! I love things like the signpost with all the places on it, it's really interesting to see how far away things are and where they are :)
    Hope you're keeping safe in the cold, definitely puts our weather problems to shame! x

    1. Yeah I love marker signs like that - really puts the world in a bit more preceptive! I hope this winter weather doesn't end up with you!

  2. what a lovely little city! There is a small city close by here that kinda looks like this. Hopefully when it gets warmer I can go venture out there and take a trip!

  3. this looks like a dream! wish I'd have towns like these around me!

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