Friday, 24 January 2014

VINTAGE COMPACTS: Stratton Additions

After posting last week about how to date those popular Stratton compacts you might come across, I thought I'd share my latest couple of Stratton additions. 

Two of these compacts were picked up at estate sales for just a couple of dollars each. I will admit to not being the biggest fans of this brand, but at that price I can't grumble. It was a Stratton after all that got me into this collection in the first place.
Stratton Stratton Stratton

Both these compacts are of the same era - if we're dating by the design upon the base - we're in the 1980's but both styles of the design of the compacts shape, began in the 1960's - you can see the issue here. Either way this compact has a simple leaf and line design upon the top and an inner powder lid. 

Stratton Stratton Stratton

This Rose compact is the larger of the pair and remains unused with it's original little inspected slip still left inside.  Patent number 764125 which was granted to Stratton in 1956 indicates that this is a convertible compact designed for both loose and solid power which would have been held within a removable tray. Unlike the smaller compact above, this compact has a hinged metal ring rather than an inner lid, to keep either the sifter or powder tray in place.

Stratton Stratton Stratton

Finally you might be surprised that Stratton still manufacture, design and sell compacts today. I won this Diva Stratton through Vanroe Compacts (a great store and source of information) which is decorated with a beautiful college of black and white images of some of my Hollywood favorites - Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis to name a couple. While not vintage, it's still designed for loose powder and is very much embedded in the history of Stratton. I'd highly recommend looking at Vanroe if you never need an extra special gift.

Do you have any vintage Stratton compacts?


  1. That last one is so cool with all the pictures. And just think, one day everything eventually becomes vintage!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  2. These compacts are gorgeous! I don't have any compacts (shocking I know! haha) but these are beautiful!

    Cachoo Joo

  3. I always love the look of compacts, but I know I wouldn't use them and they would just collect dust. I like seeing what you've collected though!

    1. If you happen to use powder today, many of the average sized ones can be depotted and placed into vintage compacts if you want to use them. I have one vintage compact that has powder in to use, but the remainder 75+ are on display one way or another!

  4. That rose compact is beautiful! I love that its shape isn't really just round/straight edged, but with the pretty edges!