Friday, 30 May 2014

PITTSBURGH: Carnegie Science Museum

Pittsburgh Science Center Pittsburgh Science Center Pittsburgh Science Center Pittsburgh Science Center

The Carnegie Science Museum is one of four such Carnegie museums in Pittsburgh. Andrew Carnegie - a Scottish born philanthropist, moved to Pittsburgh with his family when they migrated in 1848, went on to organise the Carnegie Steel Company Focusing on world peace and education, Carnegie funded the building of over 2,500 libraries in the English speaking world and now Pittsburgh is home to four museums bearing his name and inspiration - the Andy Warhol Museum (another Pittsburgh native), Carnegie Museum of Art, Natural History and the Science Center. 

Today the Science Museum is a hands on and a great place to take kids for a couple of hours. The museum is noisy but in a good way and explores variables of noise, robots and space travel. There's even a submarine to step on, Ominmax theatre and a display of vintage bicycles - including one belonging to Elvis covered in sparkly glitter with Rock and Roll stamped over it - I wouldn't of minded taking a ride on that myself!

Pittsburgh Science Center

It's certainly a museum designed around kids and without having the nephews with us I think our attention would have been over within an hour and for what it is, it is rather pricey. It's more geared for little fingers unlike the Industry and Technology Museum in Chicago. Nevertheless there was things to keep adults engaged - the Robot Hall of Fame which featured such inductees as C-3PO from Star Wars to the Roddy the Robot (Forbidden Planet) to the first cited robot in cinema - Maria from the German 1927 movie Metropolis. As a fan of vintage films, that intrigued me no end. There's also an entire room dedicated to a miniature railroad and village but that is worthy of a blog post alone.

Where's your top places for taking children?

You can find the Carnegie Science Museum at; 

1 Allegheny Avenue, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 


PS. Excuse the snow, we visited back on a snowy November day.


  1. I love a good science museum! Although my nana would definitely be all over that Presley bike!

    1. It's pretty neat right?! They have a great collection of vintage bikes there, makes me wish I had one!

  2. So cool! I wish I had a museum like that near me. My friend is obsessed with bikes, she would love that Elvis Presley bike for sure! My nieces and nephew love going to the park! I think if they could, they would go there every day! They also like Chikfila, because it has a playground area lol kids are easy to please as long as you have a slide and swing somewhere :P

  3. Eeeeewwww children! But I don't mind a little bit of science!