Tuesday, 5 January 2016

BLOG: Mi Ave, an Introduction


You might have noticed things look a teeny tiny bit different around here. After thinking about the future of my blog for the last month or so, I thought the answer to get my spur back into the hobby might be to freshen things up, to dust the corners lets say. Dusting is dangerous however and led me to changing my name, and therefore changing the URL. 

2015 marked the 5th year of my blog, which previously had two other names, but always the same, and really long URL. While I wanted to make the jump to removing the blogspot, having being so indecisive and on and off with the hobby the last couple of months, I didn't want to make too many steps all at once.

But nevertheless, my blog, formally Dear Ms Leigh has a brand spanking new name - Mi Ave

Mi Ave?

Let me explain the name - in part it's a reference to my location, in part it's a play on words. The biggest part is that it lets me merge lots of things together under the same title and find away a little longer from having a defined "niche". So basically yes, mi is a silly play on the word my, ave, being short for avenue - think journey, think the streets and the adventures that life takes you along. But MI is also short for Michigan when you're mailing out your letters. Take MI and turn it into Michigan, add the Avenue and you get one of Detroit's historic roads (actually a road with some of my favorite eating joints but that's another tale). I get away with speaking about mi life, mi adventures, mi Michigan, mi Detroit. Oh it's endless. 


Looking ahead

So aside from fixing and finishing all the bits and pieces, and all those links that need updating, Mi Ave will be pretty much the same as before, as I mentioned the blog name lets me get away with lots of rambles. I may post a little less. I may post a some more about books. Probably throw more Detroit posts that I use to hold back. Who knows, I'm just going with the flow for now. 

On the side

I've been rather lazy when it comes to catching up, commenting, engaging with you all and you're own blogs. I'll be the first to admit that. Stress has been my big issue and blogging was making me stressed too, so I abandoned it in a ditch. I'm also struggling with my eye sight and my days involve far too much computer time as it is so I've had to limit my hours in front of a screen, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things once I get my new glasses. 


To reflect all the new changes, I've hopefully got around to bringing (for the first time ever) all my social media under the same name(s) - MIAvenues upon Twitter and Instragram. Hopefully the moving y'all over on Bloglovin worked and I'm not just talking to myself.

So now I totally feel out of the loop with everyone's lives, feel free to update me in the comments because I'm a nosy bugger!

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