Thursday, 21 January 2016

LIFE: Small Things

It certainly hasn't been a good couple of weeks for Michigan when it comes to the news what with the ongoing Flint water crisis and the Detroit Public Schools sick days. Winter has finally decided to make an appearance too - although much more on the chilly side than snow fall. So today, more than ever there's a need to look for the positive in life and the first small things post of 2016. 

  • Getting my new specs - I can see (better) again!
  • Speaking of new specs that means I can get back into sewing, although my return has been on the slow side. I've been working on a bookmark, stitching on perforated plastic for the first time which has been a fun little challenge.
  • The slowness of my stitching has been the result of being overloaded with coloring books. And treating myself to a couple of new ones. The Vive Le Color series is ideal if you love patterns and small details from around the world - I'm working on the Japan book at the moment, which is full of fish and cherry blossom - beautiful!
  • Then I happened to treat myself to the Dover "Cityscapes" publication, ooops.
  • Oh and then refinding a 1970's Beatrix Potter coloring book I picked up at the end of last year at an estate sale. It had never been started and it's just full of all my favorite characters. It's the one coloring book i'm not rushing with! 
  • Sharing some super yummy tacos and hot dogs from Imperial (review to follow).
  • Putting up some new shelving for my office come craft room - finally getting a little more organised in the process.
  • Then decorating the edges of said shelving with lots of pretty washi tape.  
  • Finding a fantastic cheese grater lamp shade in a kitchen down in Hamtramck while at an estate sale - genius! 
  • Those fish n chips from Scotty Simpson's - followed by a super yummy (and huge) slice of lemon meringue pie. Delicious!
BTW if you want to help Flint residents during this ongoing water crisis (long story short lead contaminated water) - Michigan Radio put together a great list of ways to donate

What's been rocking your world?


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