Tuesday, 25 August 2009

English Summer Flowers

This summer I started practising and messing around with my camera and flowers, it was a bee on a flower that started it and got me hooked till the bee decieded to settle long enough to capture it. Now I just enjoy photographing normal flowers in normal gardens and any butterfly or bee which may flutter by. I wouldn't even proclaim I know anything about gardening yet alone about flowers. I don't have a fancy camera either - just a basic Kodak one but it does the job and I enjoy the imaginative creativity it allows alongside using Picasa. But for once my blog offers me a place to keep and showcase them somewhere differently then facebook.

So these just capture the colours and glamour of my garden at home on a hazy summers afternoon.


  1. I love your blog header!


  2. The first is my favorite, I love the colours. That's were designers get their inspiration I think.

  3. nice pics...but seeing as I'm colour blind, I have to ask...are any of them pink ?

  4. The second one down is pink mostly - tis a Lily