Saturday, 29 August 2009

Seaside Posters

Having spent the day at the North Yorkshire Coast it made me remember Pre War LNER (what was the London North-Eastern Railway) posters advertising and aiming to attract the British tourist to their seaside resorts. Before the use of massive photography, although impressionitic and simplistic in their styles, they are eye catching and bright. These colour posters, with those featured below circulating around Filey, are an art in their own right attracting and creating a mystical, dream like landscape of the Yorkshire coast. The beaches are vast and expansive, clean and bright they are filled with sunlight and adventure. Faces of young families playing, seeking and discovering at Filey Bigg's rock pools, to showcasing relaxing people happy and carefree in a era of uncertainty using the modernist styles of their era.

1923-1947 "Filey for the Family" poster

1923-1947 "Filey for the Family" poster by Michael Folay

1925 "Filey for the Family" poster by Reginald Higgins

1931 "Filey for the Family" poster by Margaret Horder

1935 "Filey for the Family" poster by an unknown artist

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