Friday, 18 September 2009

Sometimes a girl has to rant

About the following ...

a) Super slow tourists in York of all places. People who don't know York - that old Viking haunt in Yorkshire, UK will not know how most of the streets still follow their original route on narrow, sometimes cobbled tightly packed streets, most often they are filled with bum-bag camera wielding tourists who are on the way to the "really big church" - yes Mr American that would be the Minster. Don't just stop in the middle of the road, gawking at the whatever, some of us have places to go. How to spot the tourist - well you'll probably end up being stuck behind one.

b) Why do people living in rural communities feel they need to know everything about each other and everyone that goes with it? Why do they turn against people who seek to improve their life, their mind and position, but by doing so makes them a social outcast?

c) Cash for gold adverts that adorn morning TV - yes sometimes even I watch the morning TV. Why would you sell your precious gold to such "companies", who are never going to probably give you anywhere near the decent price they are really worth. Stop living on peoples misfortunes.

d) People who argue via their facebook status - firstly grow up and act like an adult and deal which such matters in an adult fashion, why feel like broadcasting your whole issues and moral dilemmas and whatever to the general public, to your friends? Why go so low?!

e) The celebrity craze for adopting foreign children, one adopts one and then they all want too surely they could help more by donating money to an orphanage then merely "saving" one. They may be rich and famous but that doesn't give them the rights to flaunt and push over the established legal system of foreign countries. Additionally making people forget and misunderstand the need for people to adopt babies and children within their own country rather then seeking and running out to the developing world, pulling children from their home nation and culture.

f) Girls who wear too much make up - why? Why cake and coat your face so much that it glows orange alongside your eyes becoming sealed shut because of the layering of thick coat after coat of mascara. To say young and healthy your skin needs to breath ...

g) Which leads me onto the selling and the believed need by young girls for wanting anti-ageing products. Often I believe I'm the only one that thinks they don't work, especially on younger skin when you don't really need them. The key is in a healthy diet, drinking water and fresh air. Keep your self healthy and your body will reward you in the long term.

Anything anyone else what's to let off? Rant along below!


  1. My, yo are SO RIGHT about tourists in york, I was in town last tuesday and I think every tourist in the city stopped dead in front of me, and a few shoppers too. They always seem to know when i 'm in a hurry.

  2. And they always seem to want to go where you do to!