Saturday, 26 September 2009

Vanity delights

Picture me gifts
Sometimes some people or a someone just knows what you might like without even asking, they just have the connection and the inert understanding of what you might just adore. I wouldn't personally consider myself to be the easier person to buy anything for, anything small or large, I know myself from clothes shopping I can be a nightmare being so picky - putting items down before even trying them on. Just sometimes, someone just knows what makes you tick, then you just know that person is special.

I can't take any credit for these photographs, I've only enjoyed messing around with them on my flickr trying to restyle them into the glory of former postcards often ones created via using limestone [the proper name and technique currently escapes me]. A style fitting for the age and the beauty of these objects.

I just love everything about the green vanity hand mirror, it's shape, it's colours, its design. Everything about it speaks pure femininity, beauty and design. I just adore how the green hues and it's pattern on the reverse of the mirror radiates out from the base of where it's glass handle is attached.

The silver brushes are an art in their self, with the adorning embellishments upon their surface they shine and the glimmer against the light. Even the old glasses make me smile, they make me ponder who the wearer once was, what happened to them? How did they end up in the shop? In a way it takes a great person to not just through the glasses into the rubbish, rather they become a delight in such a great vintage shop.

Such objects just highlight and display the power and the importance of vintage finds. They allow the comparison of what we have now, we might live in a grab grab, all you can have society but do they really have the beauty that goes with them? Yet not only are this objects beautiful they are sturdy - they last the test of time.

If there was a wish I could tell it would be for more vintage shops, charity shops are great in their own right - they allow people to not only donate but they allow people to hunt out and seek retro clothes, books, ornaments and everything and they help most often then not people, establishments of countries in need of help. Yet for some reason over here in the North of England flea markets (accept the great one in Pickering - North Yorkshire) and vintage shops seem slightly limited. In London there is probably the customer and audience for such a market, its presence seems not to have spread to far northwards.

Such presents I could only ever adore ...

Flowery felt
I've been learning how to embroidery - mainly due from being given a tablecloth which seems rather old mainly because of the thickness of the linen - something in itself which seems a rarity. In searching around for various stitches I somehow managed to stumble upon these embroidered felt garden of amazingly vibrant flowers taken from Kayla Coo's Flickr page. They remind me of childhood days spent playing with felt, cutting and sewing, there is something childlike and feminine to these designs, flowers which would make a perfect embellishment to sewing and clothing.


  1. Ooh I want that green hand mirror! It's perfect!!!

  2. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my embroidery work.x