Thursday, 22 July 2010

How cute?!

How cute is this crocheted Noah's Ark blankie?!
I found it while searching around on the Raverly website [it's under Noah's art blanket]. Its so cute, it makes me want to have babies just to make it. I love how neat the above blanket is, very professional!

It's cute to see all the other peoples versions of it too. It's what I love about Raverly, not only for its community but to be able to share your projects and see different versions of the same thing. I just end up queuing a load of projects every time I log on!

Just another project to add to the future to do someday, one day list!


  1. People are so ridiculously talented it makes me want to poke my eyes out. I have so far resisted ravelry because I worry that I'll get sucked in and won't be able to get out!

  2. Hey HOney,

    I was just wondering if you might like to be one of my 'Living Dolls" - I profile a beautiful vintage loving woman each month and I wondered if you might like to be one of 'the girls' at some stage? If you are interested, I can email you the profile questionair..... just let me know what you think !!

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Much love

    Kesenya at Alice Jean's

    PS I love your new blog layout and design - lovely !

  3. so CUTE!! About the last post i must say i've always dream on having one of those blankets in my future home...

  4. I know, raverly is so very addictive. I see all these free patterns and i'm like i'll make this, this, this and this, oh and this too.

  5. Hello Hows you?
    Do you know this is so strange. I saw this yesterday, and I thought how cute is this!
    Just wants you to make one!
    Thanks for popping over to SIBOL.
    Have a great weekend, Suex