Sunday, 11 July 2010

Baby meeeeeerkats, simples!

I guess the main highlight mainly because of the sere amount of enjoyment of visiting the Galloway Wildlife Sanctuary just outside Kirtcumbright. Insert small print about the issues people have with zoos; I know there is a spilt when it comes to "zoos" but these animals were often rescued from poor housing conditions and given a new chance or where born there. All the pens where huge, green and were in marked contrast to some of the conditions you'll find in zoos.
Anyway the meerkat babies [both nameless] where born at the start of June and had only recently started to be brought up out of their underground borrows by their mum. They loved rolling, biting and playing with each other in the summer sunshine while their parents take in turns standing guard with a cheeky stare at their visitors. They were totally characters. I know the British have a slight affection for meerkats since the "simples" car insurance advert and they don't fail to entertain.

But there is the important side, while they are cute they aren't pets whatever image the adverts like to depict.

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