Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The next BIG project

I learnt to crochet way before I was properly interested in being crafty. I'm not really sure why I wanted to learn, or even how it came about. I tried learning to knit countless times but I couldn't and still can't get my head around it. Maybe crocheting seemed the better alternative at the time. 

I can't remember how old I was either when I started learning but i'm thinking I was somewhere between 12 and 15. My minds rubbish enough that I can't really remember making my first crocheted "thing" - a blanket made up of granny squares, all I remember is running out of my first lot of background colour and having to get the next nearest shade. The final result, this blanket [right] is how I learnt to crochet. I finished the blanket and at the same time I finished crocheting until I inherited the hooks and books from my gran last autumn. 

What I made was this huge 345, 4 inch piece granny squared blanket to fit a just over the size of the average single bed in 15 X 23 length rows. To be honest it's a bit too big and it weights a tonne but it keeps me warm on the coldest of Yorkshire nights and was one of the things I loved looking forward to getting into bed and snuggling when I was coming home for visits when I was away at university for four years. 
However there are some problems with it these days. I made this blanket without the proper understanding that you only get with time and experience for the need to fasten off and leave a decent [yet sewn in] end to your yarn. Night time pulling and being kicked around as seen just a far few of the yarns parting company in a number of ways. 

A far few of the squares have lost their insides, their edges just flapping open. One had its trail of wool still dangling, another had totally parted from the corner with only one edge still intact.

So as of last Sunday while watching The Open I began unpicking the poor thing. So far 20 odd squares have been regulated [no worries the wool will be reused]. Luckily most of the injured squares lie weirdly on the last two lines around the blankie. Bar about three so very close to the centre [gutted]. Patches will be hopefully reused with a new strip added around the edge in a gorgeous variegated pink yarn.  But do I keep the squares granny in design for the new strip? Or favour one of my favourite square pattern that i've used in my recent Americana cushion cover - I've heard the pattern being termed under numerous definitions from the Afghan to cluster square [but its the one in the picture at the bottom].

Its going to be the pretty little BIG project to jump back and forth between my work days, one thing I hate about not being a lady of leisure is missing out on all the days I could be busy crocheting and making things! And hopefully one day it'll still be lasting the test of time for perhaps my own children to curl up underneath.


  1. Good luck with the 'big' project but what a project and lots of memories too..fabulous

  2. Wow. Just. wow. I can't believe that something that big was a) your first project and b) you were so young!!

    Also very impressed with your patience to sit down and fix it. I STILL haven't sat down and darned in the ends of my squares on my crochet blanket at home - can't seem to muster up the energy.

  3. Oh, that blankie project is fantastic! But I can imagine all the hard work you will have to put into it!