Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pretty little cardi

My friend at work is having a baby and that just happened to create the perfect excuse to try and crochet something fitting for a baby girl [the blanking mending went on a two day hiatus]. I stumbled across this pattern, the Princess Cardi on Lion Brand and being a "novice" at crocheting clothes I thought why not. After having a few technical difficulties with the tension  [it stated it required a 4mm hook but my version wasn't getting anywhere near the stated size, being over an inch and a half short so a move to a 5mm hook was perfect] it ended up being a gorgeous little coat in this pomegranate pink. 

It was a very simple pattern made up of half trebles throughout [UK term] so I messed around and created a half treble come treble curving edging around the collar and bottom. Just finished off with a cutey little pink button thifted from the HUGE button tin we keep. It took less then a day to make [it was just stop start due to work].With the pattern being free and the two 100g double knitting wool only costing £2.90 just made me realise how much more cheaper it is to make baby clothes into comparison to buying an equivalent. Plus I have 3/4 of a ball of wool left [more for squares!].

But the result has made me rather broody and wanting babies ... oops.Or maybe it is utterly rubbish? Who knows!
Still a work in progress ... I like my long ends
The finished front
My thrifted button which was lucky enough to be the perfect colour match
The fancy shaped edging I added at the bottom of the cardi just to jazz it up a little.

And if you have any ideas for the York trip [see yesterdays blog] please share them! We need ideas!!


  1. that is the cutest thing ever! i think baby clothes and shoes are super cute! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. Wow. Really amazing, I need to be braver with my crochet. I also need to learn how to read patterns.

  3. Oh, I can just imagine the precious chubby baby who will be wearing this lovely knitted jumper! Anything miniature sized is so darling:)


  4. Greetings Pink: I noticed your comment over at SIBOL. What a great blog. We share something in common too. Have always been enamored with the 1930s - beauty from a-z during that decade. Have a wonderful everything.....

  5. What a great job!! I have been trying to crochet but haven't actually finished anything yet. You have inspired me to go back and finish.

  6. i just fell in love with it! SO adorable. Love the scallop detail of it too

  7. OOH this is so...sweet, I love the cardy, I love the colours pattern gorgeous too!
    Well done to you !
    Hugs Suex

  8. Ms Pink Flower,

    I just wanted to ask where you learnt how to crochet?

    Also, I'm really concerned about noo noo (it's Dee) what can we do?