Sunday, 17 July 2011

LIFE: Soaking Sunday

Sadly the rains have been pouring all weekend so any excuse and endeavour to get into the garden for my weekly Sunday flower/random pictures have been rained off. So i'm continuing with some of the remains from last Sunday. Which are still as fitting for today - those clouds alone sum up the weather perfectly. Just add a bit for angry grey to the clouds and your there. 

Yesterday I finally got myself a new laptop - well netbook. I realised the old one was never going to bring itself back from the dead of it's back light so it was just easy enough to treat myself to a sweet little netbook. One of my stresses about my old one was regarding it's size (it was a big wide screen properly designed for films) kinda laptop which I feared about carting over to the US of A. This was is far far smaller and ideal for what I do - which is just play around on the net and talk to Joe. It'll be a hell of a lot more easier to stick into hand luggage and let it have a life over there.

Geekily, one of this weekends highlights was Joe being able to track down for us the Powerglide transformer. I will admit I'm not the biggest transformer fan but he is, and he's corrupting me. It's taken us numerous shop hunting trips on both side of the Atlantic to track him down. Now i'm sounding like a transformer geek too lol.


  1. Rain here too - hoping for some sunshine this weekend for my littla mans first bday! Scarlett x

  2. aww, i love how a lil bit of what the boys like always manage to infiltrate our lives:)

    can't believe it's still raining over there, when is summer coming?

  3. Aw I hope you get the sunshine Scarlett, it has cleared up a little this afternoon here in Yorkshire but I think the forecast is back to more rain for the rest of the week.

    We managed to get a week of the summer Sher, but it vanished just as quick as it appeared. What's worse is that where the boy is they are having a huge heatwave, i'm not sure which is the better of the two?!

  4. I'm jealous you got a new netbook. I'm so in love with those things, I think they're the cutest things. Anything miniature size is 10x better in my opinion.That's so true about it being so much easier to travel with. I brought my laptop with me on my trip to Europe and so so regretted it with how much of a PAIN it was. You're a smartie Rachael. Good thinking on your part. :)
    Also just to let you know, you saying you hadn't realized I'd made my dress until you saw the pattern pretty much made my WEEK. So thanks for that. :)

  5. Haylee - i've got so protective over my netbook - or netty as I call him. He is so small but it works fab considering! Kinda hard seeing some pictures when i'm editing them but its fine for now!

    Having a netbook results in me being able to pack more books into my bag luggage!! Hahaha

    I adore the dress you made, the fabric and the cut is fantastic. My mam always use to make clothes when I was younger, I think once I get settled and get myself a sewing machine I might have to give it a whirl myself xx