Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Technology death

Whenever I get a good run on blogger my laptop gives up. Like it has again this morning. I was all fixed for a chat with the boy -waking him up at an ungodly hour and chatting till he wanders off to work. But low and behold the evil monsters of bad luck have returned to my doorstep. My screen seems to be having issues, maybe is on strike for better working conditions. All I know is that it worked perfectly yesterday and now it's refusing to really act as a screen should. Turning the screen on and off allows me to get about five seconds of use out of it, before it goes blank again. Guess i'll have to hijack the parents laptop as much as I can for now.

To say I have no idea what so ever about it, is it putting it mildly. It's just adding to the frustration of having no boy close by for snuggles, msn hardly working on my phone and now no laptop for virtual snuggles and snogs. Oh and three and a half weeks down the line and no visa paperwork. Frustrated much!

So this laptop lasted less then two years. So now i'm considering a netbook, it seems pointless slashing out on an expensive one when all I seem to do is kill them. Plus with moving it seems pointless getting anything big and fancy when Joe has a proper computer. All I do do every day on my laptop is blogging, facebook, mess with photographs and read random news things. That's all I ever really do. I could do without a CD drive really. Until then i'll be scheduling some posts to keep this blog ticking away nicely!

So people, are netbooks decent when you really only do use the net and play with photographs? Or anyone know any magical clues for blank screen of death?


  1. Oh Rachael, what a shame! Electronic things never seem to last long these days! Keep smiling:)!

  2. I'd recommend wiping the entire computer. You can set it back to factory settings.

    Most computer repair shops don't charge that much to do it. Much cheaper than buying a whole new laptop =)

  3. You poor love, that's so frustrating! I'm still using an ancient desk top PC with a mind of it's own so I'm no use whatsover. x

  4. Thank you everyone! I worked out that it's managed to last nearly a year and a half, half the life of its predessor!

    @ Vix and Liz - you both sum up how I feel about modern technolgy. When I had a "proper" computer growing up it lasted ten years! Those were the days.

    @ Sinead - it's not actually the computer hardware that's broken, not this time at least. By the look of it, its the back light in the screen that's somehow broken itself. It flashes the screen on and off then goes off completely. In the right light you can see the screen through the darkness.

    So i've hijacked the parents laptop thankfully which will keep me tied over a little longer. I have a vain slightly useless hope that mine will sort itself out. It may or may not!

  5. What kind of laptop do you have? 2 years is way to short for that to be happening! :( I went through 3 HP's in the last 6 years... so I understand how it feels. Just bought a MacBook Pro though and I'm in love with it. It's pricey though :/ Hope your computer gets sorted out!


  6. @ Alyssa - mines actually a HP too, well it's a HP laptop under a different brand if that makes sence. I have a bad track record when it comes to HP's and Packard Bells lol

  7. I completely agree, here's one wise young woman!

  8. argh sounds so annoying, I recently had to get a new hard drive for mine after it packed up, I find technology so frustrating!! I hope you get it fixed soon, I've been there with long distance relationships too so I know how important it is...xx

  9. ohh hon!! i'm so sorry you are having such a difficult time talking to your honey.. you know what that means right?? you need to meet him in vegas :p

  10. Haha Lisa the amount of times we're talked about running away to Vegas! If only we'd done that to start with!