Saturday, 2 July 2011


At the moment on the high-street there are some really good sales if you fancy having a rummage and walk around in Zara, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins to name but three that I had a look in. This weekend I thought i'd treat myself and get out into the shops on my Saturday off for a change. 
The shopping outfit: Cardi and vest top - New Look, skirt - Zara, necklace - H&M
First up was Topshop - it's a shop I rarely ever head into mainly because I think its rather over priced although they do tend to have some nice stuff, some of it's rather odd. However their sale line brings their products down to the normal price of other shops and they normally have pretty odd offers and in numerous sizes still available. I fell for this blue skirt with pale brown leather belt. Its the shape and style I tend go for, but all was left was one size, a size one bigger then my own. Was worth a try on;
Skirt - topshop (sale)
I loved how the top hemmed and ruffled up higher then the belt, yet the size really was too big and would have sat on my hips then my waist if it hadn't of been for the belt. With an aim of trying to loose weight I think I'd of out grown it. Shame because I loved it.

Next up was Zara I wasn't intending to shop there but the sale signs dragged me in, I'm glad they did - it became the most productive visit of the day.
Skinny Jeans - Zara, shoes - New Look (purchase from the week before)
If you can see past how messy I can be in changing rooms. Between my own clothes and failed items i've tried on you'll see one of my newer purchases - a pair of the comfiest shoes I've brought in a long way from New Look. I brought them on the off chance, saw them - grabbed them kind of moments. Anyway the jeans are part of Zara's TRF range which I love, they fit perfectly and I love the colour, they had them in navy, green and red too.
Skirt - Zara (sale)
So the only sale item I ended up buying was this flowery statement of colour from Zara, reduced from £22.99 down to £9.99. Zara's skirts tend to be the only ones that fit me properly, the joy of having hips and curves! The mash of colours at least gives me a huge range of contrasting tops to work and wear it with (not the stripes though I think that's a fail). Thank god there's a Zara in Chicago!

Also ended up adding to the cardi collection with a basic yet handy browny coloured cardi from H&M and some hair clips from Accessorise (again in the sale). All in all a very good shopping trip but my feet are feeling it now, so I'm spending the night msn'ing the boy and watching True Grit - heard really good things about this film so I'm hoping for big things!


  1. Love the blue skirt! glad you had a successful trip! good work! x

  2. I have heard so many good things about Zara. I'd have to travel interstate to visit the store, though :(

    x Jasmine

  3. those skinny jeans are gorgeous! and you can never have too many cardis!
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. I spent ages looking in the Zara sale, sadly they didn't have anything that I had seen online, or could justify buying, but I had fun looking!

  5. Thank you everyone!

    @ Jasmine - there's no Zara in Michigan so our closest store will be the one in Chicago a five hour trip away. I think I'll have to stock up every time we visit!

    @ Ella - I got so tempted to get those jeans in more then one colour but I'm meant to be money saving. I can see them being very very useful though.

  6. @ Daisy - the store in York had sooo much stuff, pretty much one and a half floors of ladies sale clothes. There was a mountain of tops I could have brought but I always get my sizing wrong in Zara!

  7. gorgeous outfit, I love both of those skirts and that bow cardigan is cute

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. I was reading this post hoping that you'd bought the cardigan so I knew where I could get it. It's just a shame that it seems like that was already yours. Then silly old me looked at the image caption, and whoop whoop New Look here I come. haha.
    I love the Zara trousers so much. I've never actually shopped there because for it's just too expensive, but you seem to have proved me wrong with your lovely bargains.
    Btw I'm Katie, your newest follower.

  9. It's true that Topshop is way overpriced, but their clothes are just so beautiful! I liked all the clothes you tried on!

  10. @ hannah my bow cardigan was a smashing find I got a couple of months ago - I love it because its a little quirky.

    @ Katie - I use to think that too about Zara, even until the start of this year to be honest. You can find some good bargains in their sales (think £10 for tops) but even my skinny jeans which weren't in a sale were £20. And thank you for stumbling over to my blog and following! Means a lot!

    @ Alex - year Topshop do have some gorgeous things in, they always seem to offer something quirky and different to the rest of the highstreet.