Sunday, 18 September 2011

Another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon

I was starting to think because the days are drawing closer, the colours of the flowers are changing and plants start dying off there wouldn't be too much to keep photographing. I guess my luck was in today. We have a mass of tiny [well in comparison to their proper counterparts] sunflowers - all grown from all the fallen sunflower seeds under the bird feeder. There was about twenty or so of the stalks growing at one point, but there's only two flowering. I love the loud in your face rowdiness and colour sunflowers have.Yet the photographs of the bee where just pure, pure luck. 

Most of today was spent listen to random music, starting some sewing - [it's been so long] and watching all the rain showers that the afternoon brought in, so I hope you've all had better weather then it's been here in East Yorkshire. As for the week ahead it's the same old same old. looking forward to doing some baking at the weekend and possibly might have to start looking into the whereabouts of this visa interview letter seeing after four weeks we're had no word. Whoever claimed immigration was easy?!


  1. Beautiful photos, good luck with tracking town the visa interview letter. Scarlett x

  2. Purdy Pictures =) Your Sunday Afternoon was what I wish I had been doing....working on the weekends here gets old really fast and I've been doing it for years. Enjoy your week! =)

  3. I love the last, looks like the bee/wasp's coming right for you! Good luck lovely. x hivenn

  4. Whoa-- what luck! :) That bee photo is an absolute gem.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. I hope you hear from those Visa folks soon, it must be vile having to play the waiting game.
    Gorge photos, that bee is such a cutie. x