Sunday, 11 September 2011

LIFE: Come Together

This weekend has been half spent between baking and reading countless photography magazines. You could say I was becoming a little bit of a geek - especially about the latter element I just mentioned. I'm trying to get my head around the geeky camera terms, working out which camera to invest in and reading up about the Lomo cameras which i'm really tempted by too. I found the photographed charm necklace in Primark when I was down in London for my medical and just fell for it - for £1.50 it was a dead winner and sums me up perfectly. 

The parents found a cheap cupcakes and muffin recipe book in Asda yesterday so I was making use of it, making some moist walnut [with lots of lemons] cupcakes and some orange cupcakes. Both are totally untried too - how they've managed going a day without being eaten I don't know! I blame myself for eating my way through strawberry tarts.

But another full weekend off means back to work tomorrow. I'm not really loving work at the moment, one women wants more hours at work so can't wait for me to leave and the rest, well I feel like i've totally done something wrong in my visa because of not hearing anything back yet [that is a rant in itself] and all they hear and see is newspaper headlines claiming immigration is easy. They don't fill me with positive vibes at all. Plus having an American boy I have a slight attachment to America these days - it is going to be my new home country after all. This set off a debate at work steaming from a chat about 9/11 - and the narrow minded convostation from some quarters at about muslims and how mosques shouldn't be built in the UK especially in York. I actually had to walk out the room because I would have blown at the girl who came out with this statement.  Don't get me wrong, I totally believe you should have freedom of speech but not arrogant and ignorant statements. I know you shouldn't really talk about reglion in the work place but I couldn't just stand there and not say anything. I'm all for being an open, expecting, democratic and tolerant society. I'm not very good at dealing with such narrow mindness.

Here's to be better week, and just maybe getting my interview date or we may have to move the date of our wedding back. Boo hiss.


  1. that camera necklace is gorgeous x

  2. That necklace was made for you!
    Good on you for standing up for your beliefs. I absolutely loathe racism and will always speak my mind if I hear intolerance being uttered. x

  3. Thanks Vix, was hard because about three other people agreed with her so I was on a loosing battle pretty much x

  4. I love that necklace very cute :) Sorry to hear about your work.


  5. Argh - bigotry and/or ignorance drive me bonkers. I have to take a deep breath whenever someone starts that sort of rant.

    Your cupcakes look divine :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. I hope the cupcakes turned out delicious! They sounded like a success!

  7. oh my gosh! that necklace is soooooo cute. i want it. lol.

    love, rach.

  8. Thanks everyone - they turned out super yummy - gotta love lemon frosting!

  9. Love the camera necklace. I have my eye on one like this from one of the Etsy sellers. Too cute!