Friday, 30 September 2011

Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine

Joe went to the Salvo's looking for a bedside cabinet for my side of the bed and came back with this American Kenmore vintage sewing machine. I'm a very lucky girl but what's even better is that it's electric  and it still works. It's model no. [117-59 - the only model made during this period and was also named the Kenmore Imperial Rotary sewing machine] was manufactured in 1942 - its a total beast of it's time, it's sleek, smooth design is much more rounded and modernised in comparison to my 1936 Singer built only 8 years before.

Kenmore [a brand name used by the Sear's company] first appeared and only stayed for one year in 1913. It was later to reappear in 1934 manufacturing until the onset of America's involvement in WWII in 1942 - the result of the shortage of materials necessary to make the machines. The closer of the war however didn't brighten the future of Kenmore who began to suffer from the withdrawal of import tariffs, as a result it was becoming increasingly more economic for the public to buy imported goods. Kenmore ended it's sewing machine history of American models in 1958, with it's name only appearing on Japanese made machines after this date.

It comes complete with it's original sewing table, i'm debating how to clean it up, maybe a good go with some furniture polish will get rid of the dents in the wood and make it shine once again. I really can't wait to get my hands upon the machine and give it a good rub down! I bet with a bit of loving it can really shine again, saying that for it's age and for being found where it was, I think it's in rather good condition. But what can I make with it first?!

But the secret about what is the best thing about this sewing is what is in the drawer to the underside of the accompanying chair ...
After I've moved i'll do some of my geeky snap happy photographs and show this girl off some more - i totally can't wait to have a full nosey in that drawer, it looks crammed full of goodies! Made my 25th birthday today a little more memorable.


  1. I love this. Can't get enough of vintage at the moment!!! :D

  2. Awesome sewing machine! I can't wait to get myself a nice antique model...

    I'll have to continue borrowing my sisters crappy plastic singer for the time being. ;p

  3. What a great find! I'm very jealous and that draw looks like it's crammed with goodies.

  4. You lucky lucky girl!! I am actually beyond jealous!!!! xx

  5. whoa! what a find, Rachael! I am totally lime green jello right now. I always had a thing for antique sewing machines, having learned how to sew with one. Yours is a beauty! And those added treats in the drawer-- how great!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. :D I really really can't wait to give it a proper whirl and play with it!

  7. this is gorgeous! i also have a vintage sewing machine but i think its from the 60's and it came with the same exact table, but i cant fold the sewing machine under because it is missing something. would you be able to take a pic of the inside so i can see what im missing lol i know its a random request. thanks :)

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