Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tell me about yourself award ...

I've been happy nominated by two of my favourite bloggers [Charr and Sophie] in the last couple of weeks which means a lot - it's nice to have some recognition for your writing even if what you do is for a hobby. The rules of acceptance are simple - linking back to who awarded you, revealing some secrets about yourself and passing the award on. 

So some facts;
1) I've never driven a car, ever [and i'm nearly 25]. 
2) Chip butties have to be one of my favourite all time meals. 
3) I still listen to The Backstreet Boys. 
4) I don't believe in much belief wise, but anything that tempts fate scares me.
5) Joe is the only person I know irl who reads my blog [that's probably for the best]
6) I'd rather be too cold then too warm.
7) I totally swear by tripadvisor when it comes to sorting trips - it's a godsend that website!

Passing it on;

I could link tens of other blogs and bloggers who's words and blogs totally inspire me so that list is far from definitive. Right better get back to having a productive day off and book some train tickets and a hotel for the visa date with the USA. Ooo it's getting rather real and exciting now!


  1. Thanks, Rachael, for the award! I am definitely flattered :) Will get to doing this soon, hopefully!

    I most definitely still listen to the BSB, although I never tell anyone about it. Now you know! :)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. A great read, sorry I've been absent, I take a couple of days off blogging and miss everything.
    I've tried driving but couldn't stand it, you're not missing much. x

  3. Haha it's much my secret too Laura, apart from my crazy Sunday's dancing around my bedroom to them still. Vix - I often don't mind not being able to drive, just hate being a bus commuter, so it's six and two threes really. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be able to just to merely stop being dependent upon someone that does. Have to see what American public transport is like.

  4. Awwww!! Thanks for tagging me, Rachael! :D So sweet! I actually just did this recently too!

    I'm the same way as in I'd rather be too cold than too warm.. It's so much harder to cool down than it is to warm up! And you're also just like my sister! Lol she's 23 and never driven a car ever, probably never will either. She lives in SF where you subway & bus everywhere.

    Hehe, people still go nuts over the BS Boys, but I get totally teased for listening to N*Sync.. Lol!!

  5. Thank you for the award. I actually blushed. x

  6. Aw! thank you so much you lovely thing! x

  7. Congrats on your award! I didnt learn to drive till I was 27! Scarlett x

  8. :D I have hinted at Joe to teach me, but sometimes i'm not sure - i can see the plus side of driving but I think i'd be too nervy.