Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day to night

Times Square
Central Park
Washington Square Park
I somehow stumbled over Stephen Wilkes works on a wander around the internet, images of different New York landmarks from Times Square to Central Park. The images are taken across 24 hours and then merged together, often producing one image featuring between 30 to 50 images. The end results offers a glimpse into the city that really doesn't sleep, yet a somewhat eerie element of time never stopping, playing with light and darkness.

I'm a bit sort on blog inspiration at the moment, i'm not really buying anything because of moving because i'm trying to save suitcase space and my head's having a constant panic about my interview next Wednesday. I try not to ramble on about it because it makes me panic more, I don't want to tempt fate and i'm not sure how repetitive I sound by posting it a lot. Plus I just feel like i'm having a rubbish week.

So bare with me, it'll be back to normal soon catch me on twitter until then.

Article from which the above images where taken from can be found at the Daily Mail website.


  1. That's such a cool idea for photos! Looks awesome.
    Don't panic about your interview, you'll be fine :)


  2. What fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing.
    Please don't worry about "rambling", that's what we're here for. x

  3. wow these are really cool, love the idea of it


  4. The pics are gorgeous! Good luck for the interview, just stay calm and breathe deeply.. :) xx

  5. Love these photos. They look amazing.


  6. Those photos are gorgeous! I get to visit the lovely NYC in 2 weeks! I wish you the best of luck with your interview. I'll be thinking of you.

  7. Rachael, I understand completely! Everything will turn out great :) Just breathe and relax. :)

    These photos are unbelievable. Wow.
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  8. Thank you guys - i'll try and remember to breath Laura! It's going to be a very long day on Wednesday, have to take my bags to a locker at 7am and queue as soon as I get to the embassy.

  9. Lovely photos, I visited New York last summer, hope to visit again soon, such a wonderful city! Hope all goes well with your interview. x

  10. Wow those images are fantastic!

  11. gorgeous photos of the city! I lived there for a while and I'm still blown away by its beauty!