Sunday, 9 October 2011

LIFE: Tears and Pogs

This weekend has been fairly pants to say the slightest as anyone that follows me on Twitter might have gathered through my random ahhh moments. Work was rubbish all week and it took me to Wednesday to realise that not one of them had asked either how my birthday had been or even what my boy had got me. Charming. The week dragged so bad and to top it all last night I spent most of it crying because I realised I didn't have an "affidavit of support" for my visa application - the world literally went from under me. That is the instance of not being able to understand the [rubbish] information your provided with upon the embassy website. The affidavit is basically a statement from your visa sponsor, in my case Joe that he can fiancally support me until I work, so 24 pages printed out later of tax returns and pay slips we're somewhere closer. Well I say that even though I messed up another element of my interview - one letter said the k-1 visa is paid for prior to the interview, second letter directs you to a PDF declaring you pay on the day, brilliant I thought - i'll just pay on the day. Well no actually you can only pay before, looks like i'll be late to work because I have to pay up tomorrow morning and get an email payment confirmation. I think any luck regarding this visa is actually running out, i'm not confident anymore, i'm so unbelievably stressed and upset about this whole lark. No one can ever tell me immigration is easy, ever.

I slightly stuck my head in the sand, well into a bowl and did some baking this morning, i've been baking a lot more lately and I think i'm improving! Today I baked my first two recipes from the Mary Berry cook book I received for my birthday - making some St Clementine muffins and some vanilla cupcakes, both taste utterly yum! The rest of the day was spent rather much gutting my bedroom for which three huge black bin liners went into the bin find of the day being some of the old pogs I use to play with at school when I was about nine or ten then followed off with a bath - which felt rather posh having one in the middle of the afternoon. It felt good in an odd way getting rid of a load of junk, yet I still think i've tempted fate too much, i'm not sure how I break it to Joe if I fail to get my visa.

Yesterday, when things were still more rosy looking I brought myself a brand new camera. I've been thinking about getting a brand new one to improve on the former 6MP camera that normally is the instrument behind my blog photographs. I ended up buying a Fuji S3300 bridge camera [basically a camera that looks like a DSLR but without the change of lens], I wanted a DSLR but i'm a very lucky girl and i'm being treated to one for a birthday present from the boy, plus we needed a more "everyday" camera that wouldn't take up space needing a load of lenses, I sometimes don't fancy being in the middle of downtime Detroit or going around everyday with a hugely expensive camera. So far so good though, i'm trying to get my head around all the fancy features and trying to opt for the more manual options the first of which is the dying flower head photographed above.

Does anyone else remember playing with pogs? Got any exciting plans for the week ahead?


  1. Sorry to hear about all the visa problems, must ve upsetting, esp as they dont make it easy or clear on what you need to do. Big Hug Scarlett x

  2. Oh dear, I have a friend who is out in Korea teaching English at the moment and the hoops he had to jump through with all the Visa stuff was mad. Really hope it all turns out okay for you! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. thank you guys, we should be fine. there's no real deadline as to when you can pay for it, just as long as it's before the interview. You just have to ring up and sort it. Fingers crossed it'll be sorted tomorrow then we'll be back on target.

    In a way i'm glad we noticed these two major things this weekend. If we hadn't then it would have screwed us over and at least we've had time to sort it. Maybe in a way that is lucky.

  4. I used to love POGs as a child!!! Haha... Wow, what memories!

    Try and keep strong with the visa. I'm sure it will all be ok in the end!

    I have a Fuji camera. I love it! Like you say, its so much better than having to lug a lot of lenses and stuff with you! :) xx

  5. Hope things get a bit better for you!

  6. fingers crossed that things get a little easier! it all seems soooooooo complicated! :(

  7. Cheers - think the hardest thing going to be having like two hours off work in the morning, gr so annoying x

  8. they always say "everything happens for a reason" i hope it all works out for you! Xx

  9. I don't know anymore charr, embassy isn't open tomorrow because it's a bank holiday so I have to risk it on tuesday now.

    I've totally balls it up.

  10. Rachael I hope it works out!! I know how stressful it could be, hang in there girl! Those cupcakes look so yummy! And I have no idea what POGs are lol And I need a new camera too. Mine sucks big time if you haven't noticed lol

  11. It's the worst when people forget your birthday :( I hope that, despite your work mates forgetting, you had a wonderful day! Lucky girl, getting a DSLR! What model are you getting?

    Those cupcakes look delicious! Mmm!

    When I saw the pog photo I was like, "OMG, are those pogs?!" and I got so excited, haha. I loved them as a kid!

    I hope the visa process gets easier. Surely it can't be any harder :(

    x Jasmine

  12. Hehe it's all good, managed to get it paid for this morning and got my confirmation so we're good to go. I don't think I could actually cope now if something else was to turn up however!

    Lavender - it was awful, I mean you kind of hope for a "how was your day" but nothing, not at all and they all knew Joe was sending me something. Blah. I'm not too sure on which DSLR i'm still poking them, I'm tempted by a Nikon but sometimes I think for the price be getting a pentax. Think we'll just go to a shop and see some for real, seeing them in real life totally helps because I had orginally had my eye on another camera on Saturday but I saw it and changed my mind - it looked too flimsy. I'm a lucky lucky girl though.

    Anon - cheers for your tip, I'm hoping to use the left luggage at Kings Cross because it's the station i'm using and right near to my hotel, I think it's like £8.50 for 24 hours. And a bit of a leg from Grosenvor Square to tell the boy either way. I've heard they can be rather picky [understandably] on what you take in. I'm having a wonder about my bag, I mean it's just a sachel thing and going by their video it should be ok. My folders bursting with all my stuff though, so full!

    Nadin - pogs were this huge school craze from around say 1996ish, you play with someone else and you try and flip them over with a "keenie" to win them. Was a big big thing. I just through it was a UK thing but Joe remembers playing them too. hehe

  13. Rachael, just keep strong! Sorry to hear about all these troubles, but keep your chin up and be positive! good things will come if you think they will :)

    Those cupcakes look delicious! I could only find 3 episodes of the GBBO and I am CRUSHED. Apparently, I can't watch them online here in the US. Must wait until I can get them on dvd.

    Happy Monday!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  14. Oh my gosh!!! Pogs!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. Love this post and your blog!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.