Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ask Me Anything - Answers Part 1

Honest I haven't forgotten about my request for questions and then answering them - I just constantly suffer from a backlog of posts to publish and never want to overburden you all too much with my random posts. For lengths and interest sake i'm spiting the answers into two - this being part one is more focused towards the vintage answers. So here goes - feel free to keep asking any questions in the comments box!

I've always wondered whether you have always had a background in vintage or it's something you've grown more fond of since moving to America

Vintage has been second nature to me - I grew up with a preference for black and white (or early colour) films and with The Beatles on constantly in the house to attending WW2 themed air shows and the like. But I grew up being told not to buy things I didn't need, so I never spurgled or treated myself to pretty vintage things like I do now and then through my teenage years, vintage kinda fell behind me wanting to "find" myself through music culture rather then going down the vintage route. It wasn't until I inherited some pieces - a 1930s sewing machine, lots of vintage crochet patterns and my vintage compacts that I really took a turn in celebrating and rehoming vintage. Joe and moving to the US has certainly opened more doors and I appreciate and love vintage all the more because of it - be it the films, music, lifestyle and items. Although I don't style myself constantly in a vintage style, buying vintage is now my go to choice for most household pieces - especially with saving for a house and needing things alongside just not wanting to have the same as everyone else.

I'd like to know your five dream dinner party guests (living or dead), what you'd feed them and what you'd have playing as a soundtrack!

Tough question! I think my guests would have to be Bebe Daniels, my grandad, Ginger Rogers, George Harrison and Clark Gable. We'd have a huge home made Indian curry night with a speakeasy feel with cocktails and early jazz playing.

I'd love to know if you're a 'collector' by nature? 

I've always as far as I can remember have collected something - once it was badges then keyrings, to newspaper clippings of my favourite bands to of course vintage powder compacts. For the sake of my bank balance I do try and limit my collections just a couple of main things I chase - for example the compacts. I'd certainly say we, and i'm saying we because luckily me and Joe share and have passions to collect the same items - are very keen collectors of vinyl in having over 200 records which you might have noticed me talking about lately, to having smaller (but certainly growing) collections of vintage cookbooks and piles of vintage crochet and knitting patterns, tea cups and apparently silver trays - we seem to have more then any one would really need.  I do want to rehome and keep more then I ever can and I get sad when I can't. Haha.

Part two - the answers to the  more personal based questions will be coming (hopefully) next week. But if you still have a question or even questions you'd love to ask, then feel free to leave them below!!


  1. Ooh I love this idea. I guess I have so many, mainly about being a British person living in America, I bet you get asked them a lot and/or have spoken about them on this blog. But OK. What's the food you miss most? What's the biggest cultural difference between USA and UK you've noticed? What are people's biggest misconceptions about you as a British person? Is there a word/phrase people call you up on and ask to repeat/think is a novelty? And have you picked up any American sayings? Nosy much!

    1. Ooo some great questions to get me thinking about Catherine, thank you!

  2. Great answers! Got room for a little 'un? I'd love to join your dinner party! x

    1. Bring a bottle and there's always room!!

  3. I would love to go that dinner party you'd throw!! That guest list would be some hell of a conversation! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. Great answers - I think vintage often has a way of finding a person. I never really grew up with vintage - and like you as a teenager was far more interested in music, gigs etc. But now, I pretty much live and breathe it and choose it over modern xxx