Tuesday, 23 April 2013

LIFE; Record Store Day and Vintage Pickings

The vinyl gods were certainly in our favour on Saturday when Record Store Day arrived - not only in grabbing the vinyl we wanted in our local record store but additionally in our estate sale pickings. In the end we came home with 27 LPS and a vintage record cabinet - kinda just a little addicted to collecting them you might say. To finish off the last couple of posts I thought I'd share with you the LPS we picked up that were exclusive to the day and also some of the goodies we managed to grab. 

Record Store Day Finds - Flipside
We did picture having to go to several record stores to grab the Miles Davis vinyl that Joe wanted for his birthday but luckily Flipside in Clawson had the ones he wanted - both repressings of former work - which are how hidden until his birthday. We also grabbed The Animals Is Here - a reissue of their 1964 45 extended play record with their infamous House of the Rising Sun track on. And while I wasn't planning on purchasing the Avenged Sevenfold Diamonds in the Rough - they were a very important band to me in my late teen years and actually surprised me in how good the vinyl was. Flipside also have a great selection of $1 records so I also grabbed some more The Mama's and The Papa's (Farewell to the First Golden Age), ELO (Discovery), Ella Fitzgerald (Sweet Songs for Swingers)  Fleetwood Mac (self tilted) and Styx (The Grand Illusion) for Joe. The store was packed, the queue was along the whole length of the store - it was so great to see so many people excited about and buying vinyl.

Estate Sale Finds
Normally we don't have this much luck in finding vinyl at estate sales, this week was rather epic in our purchases. Granted we don't always know of the bands when we buy the vinyl but for $1 give or take it's worth the risk and we've come across some great bands this way. It would kind of be a little crazy to name all the vinyl we picked up, but since Saturday we've been working away through our purchases and the top bands would have to be from Jethrol Tull (Stand Up) Iron Butterfly (Heavy), Grand Funk Railroad (On Time), Uriah Heap (debut album - if you love metal you need this very early metal album in your life), Blue Oyster Cult, The Byrds (Turn, Turn, Turn) to Eric Clapton (self titled) and more Lionel Hampton. 

So you can see our music choices are rather wide and varied - everything from jazz, early rock, prog rock and metal. Variety is the spice of life and all.

We also picked up a vintage record cabinet for $5 (it was 75% off) and came out perfectly well after a good polishing which now sits under our Detroit Jazz festival poster from it's opening year in the 1980's - again another estate sale find from weeks ago. Joe wants to add wheels to it, as we're aiming to store our "favourite" vinyl in there, so if there was ever a fire "we could wheel it out", I see his logic.

I'll leave you with something I overheard between two middle aged gentleman when they walked past us as we were going through a box of records and I was checking the name of a band on my phone. They assumed we were checking how much they sold for on ebay and the like, I should of corrected them - LPs are the one thing we don't resell. We don't buy them to make money, we don't buy them because we want to be hip (another statement we've had made towards us because we buy LPs), we're just two people who love hunting for them together, we love music in all it's genres and we love vinyl.

Did you buy anything for record store day or find anything great at the weekend?


  1. That record cabinet was $5? WOW! I have to write that again, WOW! That's amazing! =) Now that's a find!! I am just so not lucky right now! I need to get a looking!

    Ergo - Blog

    1. I know! I could see past the scratches on the top for $5, even at it's original price of $20 i'd of grabbed it. The company that ran that sale do really good prices - especially on furniture it's just a shame we don't have the run for everything I would love to buy!

  2. That cabinet is an absolute beauty and I'm loving the poster above it. x