Monday, 29 April 2013

VINTAGE; Volupte Reflects the Prettiest of Faces


Volupte - a compact manufacture producing designs between the 1930's and the 1950's credited themselves and their compacts as "reflecting the prettiest faces" are considered to have been one of the top compact companies in their time. This is only the second Volupte that I've comes across in my hunting, or at least in my price range - this was a mere $3 at an estate sale at the weekend. I love having collections within a collection and this falls within my place souvenir additions - alongside my London, Chicago and Pennsylvania ones. While I try to steer away from buying compacts of places I haven't yet visited, Joe persuaded me otherwise - we will actually get to visit Florida as it's where one of his gran's now lives, so I guess it's allowed.

This addition with it's gold detailing of places and cultural representations of Florida upon a silver backdrop upon the top, this is an unused Volupte compact - one that came complete with it's original puff and small purchase slip. I wonder if they still imagined people collecting and using them 70 plus years from their manufacture when they notated the last line of the compact providing "long and lasting service" - they certainly age well indeed.


  1. What a fantastic find! x

  2. I always think it's amazing to find something so old and unused - it makes you really appreciate the craftmanship and design. xxx

  3. I just love that they have an instruction manual for a compact! that's a great find!! =)


  4. Very pretty. It is a great find.


  5. It's so gorgeous! What a great find.

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