Monday, 15 July 2013

VINTAGE: Fred and Ginger

The Barkley's of Broadway, released in 1949 was the film that reunited Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers after 10 years, but it was also their last film together. You could say these two sparkled my interest in vintage, especially the 1930's era, I loved watching their black and white dance moves as a child and I still continue to rewatch and love them. 

Hunting through a box of vintage (original) advertisements at the Royal Oak garage sale yesterday, I was hoping against hope their might just be a Fred and Ginger one. And there it was, the very last advert. The Barkley's of Broadway was actually the only film they did together that was filmed in colour and it was original intended that Judy Garland would be performing alongside Fred as she had done in Easter Parade, however her health wouldn't permit her to be the star of this movie which follows the drama of husband-and-wife musical comedy team Josh and Dinah Barkley.

All it needs is a frame and place on the wall!

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  1. At the right place at the right time! :) Glad you got it!