Wednesday, 17 July 2013

VINTAGE: Sgt. Nick Fury

We often come across vintage comic books at estate sales, but their prices can be a little out of our price range and I can imagine if we started buying everyone when we saw them, we'd end up with more collections of stuff then we could ever handle or find room for. Yet we gave in a little this weekend and purchased a copy of Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos (issue 11 from 1964). If you follow Marvel either through comics or the films, you'll probably all picture Nick Fury as how Samuel J Jackson portrayals him, but he does have a comic series of his own, and another universe well before being the head of Shield. 

Nick Fury first appears as Sgt. Fury in 1963 as a fictional WW2 army Sergeant in charge of a unit nicknamed the Howling Commandos. This particular issue features Fury's challenge at training another unit for two weeks, and on his return their mission with Captain Flint to destroy a German V-2 convoy in France. 

What is of particular interest in this comic is the section Tell it to Fury whereby one of the letters from a reader to Stan Lee notes;
Just for fun, I decided to to play the game of movie casting. I tried not to cast major stars because I felt that if a movie based on Sgt. Fury were made, major stars would not be used. I think my casing of well known character actors is logical and ideal. Sgt. Nick Fury - Peter Falk ...
 Roselind, 26

Apparently Peter Falk was the actor who played the detective Colombo and the old man who narrates the tale in the Princess Bride. Granted this is in another Marvel Universe to the one we know and now see upon the big screen (Cinematic Universe which led to the Ultimate version of Nick Fury) but it's interesting to see a readers interpretation of how they imagine Fury to be depicted. 

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