Monday, 29 July 2013

LIFE: On Going Grey


My hair's been going grey for over ten years. There I sad it. One of the taboo's of beauty and life - going grey. School friends in secondary school pointed out the odd grey strand when I was around 15, but I'd been noticing it before that. Now on the verge of 27, a good half of my hair is quite probably grey.

You see I don't see it very often, my hair's been dyed since I was 17 in various shades and tones. Being bleach blonde for four years at university I forget there were pesky grey strands hiding but as I've returned to darker, black, purple and red shades, their presence is a lot easier to spot. That's not to say I'm re-dying, touching up my roots every other week to hide them. I don't at all but it does make me wonder why grey hair seems such a taboo, un-talked about subject among under thirties, because I know I can't be the only person out there who's had and having, a similar hair history. Which is kind of amazing when there are so many beauty bloggers - yet grey hair, going grey, finding grey hair is an unmentionable subject.

Be it genetic or stress, grey hair is something most of us will probably have to deal with at some stage. Granted for many it won't be until their late 30's or 40's. Grey hair to many is that key defining point of becoming old, while men can be silver foxes, women are turned grandma's. Yet research is showing more of us are going grey at a younger age - so much that 32% of British women under the age of 30 report to turning grey, go back 20 years and it was only 18%.

Will I ever let my hair go grey? I'm unsure mainly because I do love to dye my hair but addition too perhaps for the assumptions and amazement that it might cause people - or assumptions that I don't care to dye my hair. I too get a little weighed down by people's horror at the thought of going silver headed maybe we all need to change our assumptions over the occurrence of growing grey for it yet to be more accepted and no longer just be seen as being old.

How do you feel about growing grey? 


  1. I recently read an article about how young people are dying their hair grey (like your pic above, or those kind of white/grey blonde looks) because now so many older ladies are dying their hair blonde to cover the grey, that grey is more fashionable than blonde! I have dark hair that has been going greay since I was a teenager. I dye it to my natural colour to cover the greys - I hate it, but mostly because the hair is a different texture and stops being shiny and nice :(

    1. Yeah i've noticed the only times it happens to be mentioned in the beauty world is when a celebrate like Kelly Osbourne dyes it grey and the like. I know what you mean about the texture, I always find it harder to tame and fizzes a lot more easier.

  2. In the 80s there was a french super model with naturally grey hair (she was about 25 then) and as soon as I saw her I WANTED to have grey hair too. But it seems that in my family I'm going to have to wait another 10 years of so, I've had a few since i was about 30 but my grandmother was a natural blonde till she was 70 and then her hair went white. it seems we all want what we haven't got.

  3. I had a few friends at school who were turning grey, and it's quite common in my family to start going grey young. I don't really dye my hair and haven't noticed any. My mum recently let her hair go totally grey, and it looks really good. Its good to be comfortable in yourself. Xx

  4. I think grey is one of those beautiful rights of passage..........with life experience comes the wonderful silver of life.
    I don't dye my hair and I have a lovely sprinkle of sparkles as I call them. Yay......will I be ok as time goes on....hmmmm I hope so.
    Happiness love V

  5. The fashoion of grey hair dye is one i dont understand, purely because everyone seems to make so much fuss when they go grey!

    I think being naturally fairly blonde i'm quite lucky as greys are a little less noticable (as far as I know i dont have any yet though)

  6. I found my first grey hairs when I was about 20, I still don't get that many, just one or two every now and then which I pluck out. I've never really been into dyeing my hair, so I'm not sure I would bother just because I was going more grey. However, if I did, I love the picture you've posted, something like that would be kinda cool.

  7. I actually think grey is beautiful. I have seen so many women under 30 who dye theirs grey and it's AWESOME. I sometimes find a grey hair here and there, but don't usually worry about it because I also fine a red hair here and there. My hair is weird like that. I say have your hair whatever color you want! It's there to be played with so play on :)

  8. I do not have a negative opinion of grey hair. I have seen plenty of women who look beautiful with grey hair. I think the key is simply taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy.

    Tracy @

  9. I am 37 from Yorkshire and living in Arizona now for over 13 years. My first gray hair was age 12 , Very noticeable in my black hair. I have dyed my hair every colour under the sun. 25 years of fighting the gray , touching up roots every week. 18 Months ago I stopped cut it short . I love my hair the condition is amazing, I have only had one off putting comment and that was from my 9 year old that says I look more than Nan . I have had people stop me in the street to ask who does my hair. I have found so much freedom, no more finding the time to sit in the chair, the smell, the chemicals. I really do wash and go and I didn't have that for the past 25 years. I will not be going back.