Tuesday, 9 July 2013

LIFE: I'll never be a cool expat blogger

Writing and reading blogs often makes me reflect upon my own life - especially as an expat, an in fact it often makes me think my life even as an English girl in the US as rather dull. As the world gets smaller, people migrate and leave home countries, there's been a bit of an explosion of expat blogs out there, sometimes I try and pretend to be one too - the working class girl living and loving in the good old America with her own American Dream. But my life is not really huge, or big or interesting. 

Saving for a house means I don't get the chance or have the money to go on crazy road trips or really be a tourist like many expats experience once in their new country. Granted I've managed to find my way to Pittsburgh but that's only because the in-laws live there, Chicago was our honeymoon and Ohio is just the state in between. I've never been amazed by the lights of New York - i'm more of a Chicago, Washington kinda girl. I live in south east Michigan by a city everyone writes off and is disillusioned about - i'm not sure how many people really want to read about Detroit in all honesty. My life as an expat is about settling down, buying our first house and going to the store every Sunday for groceries. My life is as ordinary as it was in the UK which makes me think about packing this blogging lark in.

I just write and it's not very interesting what I do write which does go along with the comment my six form sociology teacher declared - my essays are packed with information and "you'll go far", but they are a little dull. Maybe eight years on, even in a new country, my writing, my life at least under the catergory as being an expat and my blog is just dull


  1. It's not dull - i love that you're just 'living life' - i love the little differences you find. And you are a cool expat blogger, even if you don't think you are ;)

  2. Chicago is a place I would love to visit. I don't find your blog dull, but like you I had recently became a little disillusioned with it. I found it helped to take a step back and think what your blog was about at the start. I would miss you if you left. X

  3. I've lived abroad twice and really, it's not that much different than living in my home country. I went to sleep, I woke up, I went to work, I did laundry/dishes/grocery shopping, repeat every single day. Occasionally I would take a sightseeing trip, but probably at the same frequency at which I take a weekend trip here at home.

    anyway, your blog isn't dull, I think it's interesting to read someone's everyday life, but I'm pretty nosey like that!

  4. Thanks guys, i think the blogging world can make us all compare ourselves too easily to other people's lives and experiences. Thanks for the comments :)

  5. Nuh uh! You are a cool expat blogger, and one of the first I found too, and it's been wonderful to follow your journey. We're in a similar position, I think, in that our lives are not whirl-wind or fascinating, and I've done very little traveling since I've been here.

    But it's the little things, that small adjustments. The experience of grocery shopping for me is slightly different now, and I wonder if it is for you too? The other day I bought a packet of Jacob's Cream Crackers as a treat, and ate them all in two days. Not particularly amazing, but it felt GREAT.

    And you could be part of changing the face of Detroit. You could do a feature on "Detroit's not Shit" and tell everyone why. One of my favorite blogs is http://phillylovenote.com because it encourages people to see Philly as a cool place.

    1. I can be like that with chocolate digestives ... and quavers. I have to ration myself or they just vanished in hours!

  6. I don't think you *have* to be a cool expat blogger! Your blog is whatever you want it to be, and not everyone wants to read about crazy road trips or new york city! Keep writing about the things you're passionate about, whether that's your collections, crafts, or relationships, and people who are interested in those things will find you!

  7. I wouldn't say you're dull at all!! Lifestyle blogs are my favourite kind and whilst it's nice to read about people doing exciting things, it's also nice to read about the little everyday things, which is why I love your blog! It was one of the first ones I started reading and I for one would miss you if you stopped.

    Jess xo

  8. You're writing is not at all dull - I enjoy reading about your life in the US. I don't know anyone else who has followed their heart and moved countries. I can't wait to see you buy a house and decorate it, sometimes ordinary life is far more interesting than a constant stream of exotic locations and expensive purchases xxx