Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Monday in the US was good old Labor Day so we opted to head downtown have a wander and eat Coney's (more on this food goodness in a later post). Labor Day was also the last day of the 34th annual Detroit Jazz Festival which just happens to be the worlds largest free jazz festival. Food Trucks and merchandise stalls line the streets between the stages in Campus Martius with a backdrop of fountains and towering buildings down to Hart Plaza and it's stunning setting along the Detroit River. We managed to tie in listening to some music, wandering and walking off our Coney and it was great to see so many people downtown enjoying both the music and the sunshine. We certainly plan to spend some more time there next year.

And don't you just love those brightly in your face coloured chairs - they were all set around some fake grass and over sized chess games. They'd certainly brighten up your garden sitting on those - I might have to try and hunt some of those out to add to my "when we finally get out house" list! 


  1. WOW I want those chairs! Great photos!

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    Thanks x

  2. Those chairs are awesome! Love the hot pink ones.
    Looks like a really good day :)

    Jess xo

  3. THOSE CHAIRS! Holy crap, I am in love with them!

  4. Thanks everyone - those chairs are awesome aren't they?! I forgot to sit in one so I can't report on how comfy they are! I think I might have to get to the internet to research them!