Friday, 6 September 2013

VINTAGE: US Capitol Vintage Powder Compact

So tonight we're off out to try a pizza place with it's very own stone oven for it's pizza's for our date night. But it's a kinda of special date night in the fact we've somewhat celebrating being together four years. So in four years together Joe has come to know me very well and as a sweetie gave me this vintage tin powder compact showing the US Capitol framed by cherry blossom in Washington DC for our 4 year anniversary on Wednesday. This enamel compact has an upper disk in the top which opens to reveal the metal stiff and powder well. The metal stiff in this compact denotes it as being a somewhat early compact - of an era before plastic was mass produced and therefore cheap. The lady would turn the metal disk clockwise thus grating against the powder which would come through the small holes in the stiff therefore allowing the lady to use just as much or as little powder she required at any time. 

Washington DC is right up there on my must visit list hence why Joe brought it for me, it probably says something about me that Washington Dc is on the list and New York doesn't feature. It also not only goes with my souvenir compacts but it's a matching compact for my Chicago Buckingham Fountain Compact as shown in the bottom photograph.

This week not only marks four years of me and Joe being together and of everything we overcame to be together, but it's also four years since I started collecting compacts which all started with one gold Stratton. Four years on the collection stands at 65 and still going strong.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, got anything excited planned? 


  1. Happy happy fours together.....yay.....what a truly lovely gift sweet.
    I hope you had a wonderful night out together.......remembering all the wonderful times you have had.
    Oh and yummy pizza.
    Love V

    1. Thank you my love! You can't beat pizza can you?!

  2. Happy 4 years to you both! :)

  3. Happy 4 years !:) That vintage compact is beautiful too :) xxx

  4. Hi Rachel
    My mom gave me a vintage compact and asked me to sell it for her. It is an Elgin American and I can't find a picture or any information on the style that I have. If I sent you a picture, could you help me with the value? I'd really appreciate it. Contact me at so I can respond with a picture. thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Linda Farrell