Friday, 13 September 2013

VINTAGE: Postcard Memories

Heidi doesn't like Christmas, university, lawyers nor her life she declares, in fact the only thing that seemed to make her excited was a gift of train tickets "home" from New York. Buying and collecting postcards you get an odd glimpse into personalities, occurrences and social histories. You find postcards offering general chit chat to full diary entries of a days events. Say like Heidi and her series of five postcards mailed to Bill up in Stony Brook, there's no suggestion of their relationship - perhaps brother and sister or old school time friend, it's certainly open and confessional. You glimpse a hint at Heidi's life, she seems a little dramatic speaking often of lawyers and schools. I often wonder what Bill penned back in response. 

Surprisingly I've never mentioned my other blog here on Dear Ms. Leigh. It's not so much a blog, but Vintage Postcard Memories is basically a visual collection of postcards found across the internet sitting happily alongside postcards I've sold and ones I've added to my unintended collection - the ones that end up too battered and busied to ever sell alongside being a sucker in keeping Chicago, Detroit and Yorkshire postcards. Anyway after gaining over 100 followers on there I thought i'd give it a shout out if vintage postcards are your thing too! 

Myself, I normally store my vintage postcards in an old scrapbook I came across or pinning and poking them between things to have them on show. Recently with help of some bakers twine and paperclips I managed to hang some across my dresser/desk. I have wild intentions of hanging them from wall to wall in my when-we-buy-a-house spare room come office come craft room.

If you have a tumblr leave me a link - i'd love to give you a follow! 


  1. I love vintage postcards - even more so if they've got some heartfelt message written on the back. I love the images of changing places and the little insight into history they give us. I've just followed your other blog as well :-) x