Monday, 9 December 2013

CHICAGO: The Windy City is Mighty Pretty

Chicago Ice Skating Chicago Sky Deck Chicago Christmas Tree Bean

Two years ago today we set off from Michigan upon the Amtrak to Chicago for our honeymoon. My first memory of hearing about the all American city was hearing Doris Day as Calamity Jane singing about the windy city, which is mighty pretty and my heart always longed to step foot there. Visiting certainly did not disappoint, I never got around to sharing everything we got up to (and the things that I did, well blogger lost most of the pictures since that time so I deleted them) - from the eating at Mercadito (first try of Mexican food), staying at the gorgeous Amalfi Hotel to being like kids at the Museum of Science and Industry or the Field Museum. To be honest, we never did a quarter of the things there is to see in that city and it's a place I long to return too. Hopefully in the coming year or two we'll make a trip back for a future anniversary. Until then, as I do every time as this date in December arrives, I remember just  how much fun we had in the windy city (in honesty it was more cold than windy, but that's beside the point).

Sadly blogger went through having a major, major tiss with a lot of my photographs from 2011 so a lot of my original Chicago posts I've had to delete *sigh*. I hate technology at times.

What city has left you breathless?!


  1. These pictures are so stunning, no wonder you want to go back! I love the orange glow they have


  2. That view over the city all lit up is amazing. I lived in Chicago for a few years and I think it's still my favorite skyline... not sure why but it just seems really welcoming to me. Hope you make it back at some point!

  3. Oh lovely. I'd love to visit Chicago one day.

  4. These pictures are gorgeous and also I love calamity Jane

  5. I love Chicago; it has a place in my sentimental heart as it was the first city I explored on my own as a young adult in the late 70's. Taking the train from my parent's house in Libertyville (out in the boonies at that time, but now just part of the sprawling megalopolis of the area) to the city was liberating! I've visited several times since then for music conventions and family visits.

    But my favorite city I've visited is probably London. So much history there, and I enjoyed getting to know the people during our brief visit! :)