Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Twerking Robots of 1977

Twerking Robots

Hey look - they were twerking upon record covers back in the 1970s! You might never have thought it but Robots were twerking with each other back in the summer of 1977 upon vinyl of all things. Back then it was just known as suggestive dancing. Those suggestive dance moves eh, and look at her rosy cheeks - she's certainly enjoying herself that's for sure, what with all those phallic robot objects shooting off around her. Wasn't like that in my day, or so they would have you believe. 

And yes, we really did buy Galactic Funk by Meco featuring the Star Wars soundtrack, and yes it is as awesomely funky as one would hope!

Anyways this amused me enough to share it - enjoy!


  1. Dang those robots are sassy! Clearly they've been hitting up the oil can a little hard.

  2. this is so funny...we love it!!