Friday, 6 December 2013

LIFE: Things #3


My intention was never based around doing these life ranty come happy posts weekly, but I'm running with inspiration to carry them on. This week fits around the Thanksgiving edition of a long weekend in somewhat rural Pennsylvania and the start of Christmas festivities. Here goes!

♥ There's only so much NRA, rifle, hunting talk I can take in a given time period. You may eat every part of what your shooting, but the idea of hunting animals for fun sickens me. And I say that as a country girl myself.

♥ People finding out you live near Detroit, then watching and hearing their surprise when you don't mention it being like a zombie wasteland when they ask.

♥ The only Cyber Monday to occur in these parts were stocking up on shipping supplies - the fun never stops with me.

♥ People asking for help on twitter/blogs (insert whatever social media form here) and never finding the words to say thank you for taking the time, or even generally acknowledging your response. You drive me mad!

♥ Wondering where people get some of their statements from on Tripadivsor - some just seem to be picked out of the negative air of doom and very out of place.

♥ Took our nephews to the Carnegie Science Museum, good thing about being an aunt/uncle is you get to hand them back, oh my they have so much energy!

♥ People asking for handouts to follow their dream - seriously I managed to move countries and somewhat start my own business by myself, if you want it hard enough, work for it. 

♥ Baking gingerbread men and having most of their heads fall off ... now some kind of scary headless gingerbread men. Tasty all the same!

♥ Trusting the idea of a sushi all you can eat buffet - granted it wasn't so bad, but ya know ...

♥ One of our neighbours gave us a spare Cat's Meow toy (basically it has a motor under a piece of material that alternates in which direction it turns and drives the cats mad) has entertained out cats no end for the past week!

Sarri's chocolate covered pretzels are amazing - shame they can only be found in western Pennsylvania.

♥  Finally getting around to ordering actual prints of my photographs, and making two photobooks as Christmas presents made this week more protective then I gave it credit for.

What's been getting your goat this week?

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