Sunday, 15 December 2013

CHRISTMAS: Festive Tag

Christmas Tag

The lovely Jess tagged me in a festive Christmas tag over on her blog so I thought I would share all my festive favorites!

What is your favorite Christmas film?
The 1985 film Santa Claus (with Dudley Moore) always use to come on the BBC, most often than not on Christmas Eve and it always use to be a tradition with my mam to watch it (or parts of it) around getting food ready for Christmas Day.I don't think it gets the attention is deserves against more contemporary Christmas movies which I would admit have somewhat passed me by. 

What is your favorite festive color?
Hmm, going by our tree I do like a bit of sparkly red and a dash of purple!

Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
My first Christmas in the US we opened one small present - normally a stocking filler each on Christmas Eve at bedtime, it's a tradition that's now into it's third year. The rest we leave for the Christmas morning whenever we happen to wake up. 

What is your favorite winter fragrance?
Can't say i'm one to change my fragrance due to the seasons, but if Christmas baking was a fragance with all the spices then i'll go for that!

What is your favorite Christmas scent?
I do love the smell of a real Christmas tree, sadly the boy is allergic to them so we have to do with a fake tree these days. Might have to get around to buying a Christmas tree fragrance so I can get that smell back!

What is your favorite Holiday drink?
Certainly not Eggnog - tried some of that after moving to the US and just, yeah nasty. Normally I'm not one to go and buy coffee out, although we did treat ourselves to a huge Peppermint Mocha from Biggby - which if you're local to one, it's well worth trying.

Candy canes or gingerbread men?
Gingerbread man everytime, as soon as Christmas rolled around I baked some although they turned into being some headless zombies as the mix was rolled out a little thin. Yummy all the same. 

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Can't say I have a favorite, years of retail work means being over exposed to Christmas songs that sadly a lot annoy me. The Johnny Cash Christmas Carol is worth a listen if you want to get back to basics, we picked it up on vinyl months ago and only just got around to playing it.

Have you ever made a snowman?
All the time - we use to get some great snow in East Yorkshire when I was a kid, certainly up to my knees that made some great snowmen over the years. I should probably go outside and build a snowman was the dumping of the white stuff at the weekend but i'm more likely to complain about how cold it is these days!

What is the most important thing to you about Christmas?
Being an expat has certainly changed my view on Christmas, it's made be back off a lot from all the gifts and after spending so many apart from Joe when we were LDR, to me Christmas is certainly about family.

How would you answer the questions? I'd love to know how you spend your Christmas! 


  1. I love reading all these Christmas tag posts! I find it really interesting how you post about UK/US differences, I can see how it'd really change how you feel at times like Christmas! Found your blog via the #lbloggers chat and followed you on bloglovin:)
    lily x

    1. Thank you for your follow and comment :)

      Yes moving countries has certainly made me reconsider the importance of other things at Christmas then gifts. Plus loving and learning all the difference between the UK and the US even after three years keeps me interested. I have another post lined up for the end of the coming week about some more of the UK/US differences at Christmas so stay tuned!

  2. I love the smell of trees too, but as an allergy sufferer I can't spend too much time around real ones either. :( My solution? Pine scented candles!

    1. Yeah my husband inherited that allergy from his mum so it's fake all the way with us. Really going to have to look into getting hold one some of those candles this week!

  3. yum yum yum gingerbread!!! I cannot wait to get a free minute to start baking them!

    1. I can demolish those gingerbread men far too quickly!

  4. I loved reading your answers, thanks for sharing lovely!
    I really need to get round to making some gingerbread men, maybe tomorrow :)

    Jess xo