Monday, 28 September 2015

FOOD: Nakd Bars - a Wholefood Alternative

One of my favorite aisles to wander down on any given shopping trip is the natural foods aisle especially around all the treats and snacks. I'm guilty of being a big snack eater and with choosing to be a bit more selective and healthy in our buying choices, a whole new range of goodies have been opened up. And it's pretty fun getting to taste them all out, finding some new favorites. So when Natural Balance Foods got in touch with me about trying some of their Nakd bars, I was excited to try yet another temptation.

Nakd Bars

Natural Balance Foods are all about iron rich foods. British based, they are branching out into the US market (online at least - you can make your purchases through their website) offering a wholefood alternative - with snack bars free of those unnatural processed foods using natural sugars (like those found in dates and raisins). But it's more than that, their bars are wheat, dairy, gluten free and 100% vegan.

Nakd Bars

Delving into their goodies and you'll come across some tasty flavors - caffe mocha, rhubarb and custard to cocoa orange and ginger bread to name but four. Soft and chewy they give you a great boost whether you need a mid afternoon snack or you're busy on the go. Speaking of being out and about they are the perfect size for fitting into your pocket, your bag, or popping into your lunchbox. What I really love is how clear and bright their packaging is especially with how clear the ingredients are labelled - so it shows you just how simple their recipe really is.

Nakd Bars

Using natural sugars found particularly in dates (43% of the Nakd cocoa crunch bar was made up of dates) they aren't low on the sugar front so you do have watch your intake. Not being a huge date fan sometimes it was a bit over powering, but still edible. I have to admit the more British of the flavors - the Bakewell tart and rhubarb and custard (although oddly enough rhubarb is not listed in the ingredients which was a bit of a let down that it's probably just a "natural flavoring" which was a bit of a downer) had to be my favorites.

Nakd Bars

The bars certainly fill up a hunger gap, they are a great size and come in a great variety of flavors. It's a shame they aren't available to buy in stores - because for me, that's just how I tend to do my shopping - picking whatever flavors rather than brands that I fancy. But for me, the high date content and flavor puts me on the fence a little.

Have you ever tried Nakd Bars? 

I received a complimentary sampler box of Eat Nakd bars in exchange for an honest review. However as always, my opinions and photographs are all my own. 

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