Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LIFE: York From the View of a Yorkshire Lass


When you grow up with a city as great as York just down the road, you somewhat take it for granted. All that history, culture, shopping, farmers market, train love. Yeap I was lucky. So I thought I'd share the things I love(d) about the city I've spent many an hour in growing up because I never really got around to talking about the place when it was all on my doorstop.

Do a ghost tour

Ghosts seem to like York, in fact it's the most haunted city in England. So as a result there are a lot of various ghost walks around the city. Ghost Hunt of York was one I took on a birthday many moons ago, it meets nightly at 7:30PM by the end of the Shambles (M&S end) and it's well worth your time. 

Walk the walls

Whether you call them the York City Walls, the Bar Walls or the Roman Walls, walking around the walls is one of the best ways to see the city centre and all it's history. From views of the Minster, towers to the Bars (historical Bars, not the drinking variety). It's about a two and a half mile walk around, there's lots of steps involved so it's not the most accessible way to see the city, but it's certainly one of the finest!  

Shop locally 

York has a great number of independent and smaller chains, probably too many for me to remember and name. But my favorites have always been: The Viking Loom (best local needlework shop I've ever come across), The Antiques Center (vintage treats), Lily Shambles (gorgeous jewelry) to Shared Earth to name but four.


Fall in love with trains

The National Railway Museum was the basis for this girl falling in love with trains. Capturing the history, the design to rail-road paraphernalia, the Railway Museum has it all. Take a ride on a Bullet Train or see them working on engines, I always left that place knowing something new every time. Plus it's free. 

Take afternoon tea

It's rather a cliché these days that to visit York you should eat in Betty's, but it's still remains one of my favourite places for afternoon tea. The trick is knowing when to visit, aka not when the queue is half around the block. Pop along around holiday seasons and they do some great window displays.

Enjoy an ice cream

Whether it's in the Museum Gardens or in Deans Park (right behind the Minster) sit on the grass and soak in the gorgeous setting. Both places are well worth enjoying a picnic in, great for people watching and there's always some wildlife roaming around too.


Insider tips;

Farmers markets are well worth a visit but go earlier before the coach loads of visitors are dropped off. Use the great park and ride and bus services that run around the city, York just gets more and more complicated to drive around. There's always been a lack of public toilets (it's important to know this stuff).  Take your patience with you, you're more than likely to be stuck behind slow tourist walkers throughout the day. The York Sightseeing (the big bus buses) have always been my favorite for the city bus tours.

Ever been to York? I'd love to hear your favorite things to see and do in the city!

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