Friday, 18 September 2015

CREATIVE: Dinobot, a Cross Stitched Poster


Everyone probably remembers the infamous Obama "Hope" poster for his 2008 presidential campaign, and everyone has seen countless variations using celebrities and so on in the same design. One such similar design was created for Dinobot, a character in the Transformers Beast Wars animated TV show from 1996. With Dinobot being one if not the favorite character of Joe's when it comes to the entire Transformers universe, it was time to turn it into a cross stitch design. 

So who the hell is Dinobot and why is he shouting honor around?!

If you're not familiar with Beast Wars, Dinobot may not be a character you're aware of (at least as an individual - groups of Dinobots did appear in the last Transformers movie but we don't talk about that urgh). Dinobot actually started out as a baddy - an aid to Megatron has they landed on what they believed was Earth. While Predacon (the baddies) Dinobot was ruled by his strong code of honor and lives to die gloriously in battle. In short Dinobot rebelled and joined the Maximal team lead by Optimus Primal. Eventually he gets his wish of dying a hero when he sacrifices himself to save a group of protohumans (hunter gatherers) from a Predacon onslaught. These hunter gatherers having observed and interacted with Transformers who happened to appear on their planet  so yes, you could say in this universe at least, Transformers helped the evolution of humans.


So, after transforming the poster into a pattern, the design was pretty much straight forward. Using only four colours was somewhat novel, I wasn't really sure how it would all look stitched up, perhaps turn out looking a bit too flat especially without any form of backstitching, but it turned out a lot better than I could have hoped. It's always awesome when that happens.


Three months and 9,920 stitches later, Dinobot is complete. It measures a little under 6 x 9 inches and self framed in a dirt cheap frame I picked up at an estate sale. Now to find a place for him alongside that other Transformers piece I stitched earlier this year.

And as for the recipient, Joe loves it. Which is the biggie.

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