Friday, 11 September 2015

LIFE: Small Things

Veg Patch

As much as I love summer, and as much as this Brit is getting more and more use to the heat that Michigan summers like to throw at me (okay, okay I'm still a bit of a whimp when it gets over 32C/90F) I'm looking forward to the cooler (I say cooler being in the 20's) days ahead. Cooler days get me feeling a little bit more crafty (if that's even possible), TV shows are about to restart for the season and my birthday is at the end of the month. Lots of doing and planning ahead!

Also other happy happy things!
  • Three baby pengys at the Detroit Zoo - too cute and I URGE you to check out the video if you ever need a pick me up, or even if you don't. Because penguins.
  • Decorating cheap notebooks with cross stitching, just because
  • Talking of cross stitching - working on a Pusheen design, starting two new projects, framing up Dinobot and completing another self designs cross stitch piece - home sweet home design for friends buying their first house. More on the last two to come - once I get around to it. 
  • Reading Station Eleven - what a great page turner
  • Finally getting around to watching The Mindy Project - what a great show
  • Pretty sushi presented on a boat as a treat for Joe getting a pay rise and a bonus. Yey. 
  • Drawing up an endless shopping list of bulbs to buy for next spring
  • Spending all of yesterday morning (Thursday) pulling out the longest flower bed back to the main sturdy plants (the Iris's, the poppies and day lilies) to just build it back up from scratch next year. 
  • Two zoo trips in two weeks!
  • Cooking (and eating) with tofu for the first time, still a little bit on the fence and it'll never replace chicken in my curries completely, but it's okay ... kinda
  • Baking lots of mini zucchini breads in the toaster oven because of the still broken oven. Wasn't sure they'd turn out edible but they did, yey! 
  • Pretending to be very adult (well Joe was) and pretty much paying off a very large debt on a credit card
  • Waterproofing the basement aka giving my arms a work out with a roller and 5 gallon tub of latex paint
  • The thought of cooler days ahead, of being able to work in the garden without melting, throwing windows wide open and the changing fall colours 
  • Going on a Detroit haul at the library - noir, food, fiction, biographies I grabbed them all
  • Finding the most amazingly quirky vintage wallpaper (here and here) hanging in a basement at an estate sale down in Detroit 
So that has pretty much been my life in the last couple of weeks. Who else is ready for cooler times ahead?

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