Monday, 8 February 2016

CREATIVE: A Room Without Books

Hunting around estate sales all the time, I often come across random old pieces and bits I gather to add to my craft collection. Basically a box of random odds and ends might one day might find a purpose and use. A couple of pages of perforated plastic being such a random thing. Perforated plastic seemed to be the tend of 1980's crafting, people would make magnets, tissue box covers, bookends you name it. It wasn't until I re-found a design for a bookmark stitched on such a plastic I thought about giving it a go myself and finding a more modern use for it.

The design, which originally appealed in the October 2014 edition of Cross Stitch Collection, was stitched upon black plastic with all white text. Unfortunately with my plastic being see-through there was a need to stitch in a background but also gave the perfect excuse to go through my thread scraps and get colorful. 

So my first cross stitch project of 2016 became a lesson in perforated plastic stitching of a quote to appeal to my bookworm and hoarder side. I have to admit, for such a small design it demanded more attention that I would have originally thought. Also stitching on plastic is apparently a bit of a pain, it turned out to be much more "floppy" than stitching on fabric and there is the added fun of it's ability to start snapping and breaking. Which it did, twice. So it's not perfect, it's been super-glued back in place at one point, but I was too invested with it at that point to give up. That and I still like how it turned out. 

Oh and that quote - "a room without books is like a body without a soul" is just an awesome excuse to decorate the house with books, don't you think?!

What have you been crafting lately?


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