Friday, 5 February 2016

LIFE: Small Things #9

This last week or so has been all about adulting (whether you love or loath that term). From fixing a slump pump to trying to fix a wobbly toilet it's all been a bit challenging of late. So while little things can caused the biggest frustrations but then on the flip of a coin, they can be the happiest.

  • This clip of the new arrival at the Toledo Zoo - the cutest little polar bear cub. Hopefully we'll make a trip down to see it once spring arrives.
  • Working on my "Start where you are" journal.
  • Starting and being hooked into a new (to me) anime show - Inuyasha. It's one of those anime with hundreds and hundreds of episodes so I've got something to entertain me for a long while.
  • Getting my Stress-Less Workbook, stress being an odd thing to be happy about but hopefully working through this workbook might help me deal with this thing that is taking over too much of my life.
  • Smashing up 1950's stubborn bathroom mosaic floor tile is very theraputic, even if it turns my arms into jelly and you only make slow progress. It's actually kinda sad to be turning it up but it's seen better days. 
  • Which has all meant learning some more DIY, kinda looking forward to laying some new tiles I will be honest even though I have no clue about tile laying.
  • Agent Carter being back on the screen - one of my favorite shows.
  • Making two awesome new recipes this week - a chicken chili in the slow cooker (so handy this winter) and a mushroom tofu curry, equally delicious. 
  • Cross stitching some more of "Flossie" (the lady cross stitcher) for the first time since before Christmas and longing for lighter days to cram more stitching in.
  • Coming home from the library with a pile of books. 
  • Lots of kitty cuddles and purrs.
  • Having beautiful handwritten recipes falling out between the pages of vintage cookbooks (always a winner). 
  • Finishing my first cross stitch project of 2016 - another bookmark - you can't have too many.
  • Watching our cats being excited by empty boxes and new paper bags to play with and in. 

How is everything with you?


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