Thursday, 10 December 2009


Tuesday was my graduation for my Masters [finally!] it seems ages ago since finishing my course and handing in my dissertation. Weirdly as the way of the world goes the date my dissertation needed to be handed in was the day my gran died. With my job at another university being up in the air and me realising that that city isn't Newcastle I had mixed feelings about graduating.

I know I'm lucky to have an undergraduate degree and to have been able to undertake and pass an MA has been a dream come true. Yet I'm slightly miffed about universities and the world afterwards - or just the lack of jobs.

So I went back to Newcastle with totally mixed feelings. Yet every time I return I get the strong yearning, a need to go back for good. Its weird how one place can make you, and add something to your life.

The ceremony itself was held in the Kings Hall inside the universities oldest building - that of the Armstrong building. With organs playing, gowns and hoods being worn there is always a historical and grounded atmosphere in the room. Its like you're really making history. And with the hall only able to hold up to 500 people in anyone go, the affair is always very intimate.
Stood by the Quad and the pretty Christmas tree with hood in hand before the graduation ceremony and while there was still some kinda light.
Out into the darkness after the graduation wearing my gown and hood standing under a carving of the Newcastle University sign featuring the Durham Cross showing the universities link back to the ancient city just a few miles away. The MA Sociology hood
So there we go, I'm now able to stick the old letters behind her name and correctly trying to work out if going back to do a PhD is the wise thing to do - time for a pro's and con list me thinks.

Oh and as you can tell I didn't go with the dress in the end - I was having a bit of a down [I feel ugly and fat kinda days that you sometimes get] and went with the good old reliable clothes - not that you can really see under the gowns that seem to be designed to make you look obese.


  1. Congrats hunny xx

    I feel the same way about Manchester as you do newcastle. Totally understand you. xx

  2. Bonjour Ms Pink Flower! COngratulations on your graduation, and you look beautiful in your gown. Well done!
    THank you for stopping by and leaving your kind note.
    Continued good luck and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Woa Congratulations on getting your Masters! Cheers!

  4. Congrats on your achievements, dear!!


  5. Congratulations on earning your Master's!

  6. Can I just say that your hair is gorgeous in those pictures.

    Congratulations, and don't feel dismayed. I'd say go on holiday for 2-3-4 weeks and see how you feel when you get back.

  7. Well done for egtting an MA! I love the picture in front of the christmas tree, and what a lovely old building behind you!

    I am currently writing my dissertation for my last year as an undergraduate and will be graduating in May, it's a scary thing to be faced with!


  8. Congratulations

  9. Congratulations!!! (And I know about "those" days, I hate those days! lol)

  10. Scores of congrats, sweet dear! I'm immensely proud of you and all you've accomplished!

    Wishing you great success and happiness for whatever the future holds in store for you!
    ♥ Jessica