Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sunday Times Style meets Superdrug Rose Compact

I hope you all had a delightfully drunken, stomach popping, present mountain filled Christmas! Mine was a bit of a let down but its all in the past now, and just roll on 2010! I'm again all full of cold - the second in two weeks - bad times.

Last Sunday [20th December] the Sunday Times Style Magazine advertised in one of their columns a pretty little stocking filler for the stylish and fashionable among us in the appearance a baby pink "rambling rose" mirror compact.
The "fluttering rambling rose mirror" which they cite at £4.99 appeared in my local York Superdrug to have originally being £3.99, yet cut down to £1.99 - how could a girl resist? I know its not vintage but its stylish and designed rather in the influence of the Marc Jacobs theme originally found within his Daisy perfume and more recently and additionally shown in the above magazine snapshot - for this Lola flower.
With fifty years seperating the two - old meets new.
Its now all saved with the Sunday Times article and original packaging - even the receipt and perhaps in another fifty years it might be sort after by a collector much like myself.


  1. Oh I love the rose compact! Actually I love anything and everything rose-like:)

    Hope you're having a good holiday!!


  2. Lovely compact, I shall go myself tomorrow and see if there are any left.

  3. I want it! My local superdrug never had any in stock :(

  4. fingers crossed for you Miss R - there was a few left when I purchased mine last week - hopefully some remain after the crazy sale shopping!

  5. Ahhh so many of these are cropping up on Ebay all from some Singapore seller in random blacks and gordy pinks!

  6. what a gorgeous compact. Happy New Year xxx

  7. The rose compact is great!! I swear my mother had one similar to that when I was very young!!