Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Noting down ..

One of my favourite sellers on etsy is Badbooks, while I haven't [yet] purchased anything from this delightful collection of recycled, stylish; thrifty and gorgeously created notebooks - give me half the chance and half the need and I just will!

I have a few notebooks myself, my favourite is my paperchase one stored and hidden away with all the love poems written by JJ. Its a gorgeously silky purple cover, embedded and decorated with golden butterflies fluttering across the covers. I use to keep a journal once, writing about everything and anything a ten or a fifteen year old girl could ever write about. I think I have [or I did have] one still kicking around - the rest where ripped to shred and thrown away from the fear of my parents uncovering my anxiety ridden mind or my teenage [lack of] love life.

Badbooks collection of notebooks offer something different, they are bright, they are vivid and they are lovingly different. And I just had to share them!
Decorated in blue, black and lime this A6 journal is complied full of coloured, lined squared and even and scrap paper.
This salvaged notebook is made from rements of used envelopes, sometimes still complete with their own decoration via their patterned insides. The notebook is held together with a cover of reused packaging completed with an evloped flower and vintage button as it's centre. Its the flower which makes me fall in utter love with this notebook.
For something girlie then try this chocolate and pink polka dot square shaped journal, and its the colours and the design which captures me. With a faux leather cover, its insides are lined with the most gorgeous and sweetie pink fabric holding together a notebook of soft hues of pinks, beige, whites and purple papers.
Along the totally unique lines then this is the perfect match via this mail book. With every page a former used envelope some with plastic windows and dates its cover is one of corrugated card. What makes this notebook even extra different is that this journal will be delivered unpacked - the novelty is that the covers of this notebook is the packaging.

As a lover of things which are just a little different, I think these notebooks and all the rest that can be found upon the Badbooks Etsy website, fit the bill just perfectly!


  1. I love notebooks, I just need to write everything down; plans, memories, ideas, thoughts... These ones are so pretty!

  2. How lovely and creative! To make a journal from used envelopes! And so colourful, I love the pink dotted journal too! They will make great Christmas pressies:)

  3. What charming notebooks, I think that they would be the perfect spot to jot down all manner of inspirational ideas while on the go (or simply not at the computer). Lovely finds indeed, sweet dear, thank you for sharing!

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica