Saturday, 27 March 2010

I know I totally haven't been around lately

For that I apologise I've just been trying to get my head sorted alongside just not feeling anything inspiration wise that would be worth blogging about. I hope your all well either way - i'm getting there slowly, I think being ill taken a lot out of me and I'm still not fixed just want the pain to magic itself away.

I have seen what seems to be a rather pretty and useful collection of make up in Marks and Sparks especially a powder compact and cheap - very cheap nail varnish - i'm gonna have to go back for a treat me thinks! Maybe that's something to use as a basis for a return.

Oh I can't wait till Easter and having three days off! Yey - hopefully being lazy might help me get better! So I hope your all grand - i'll be back to full working normality some time soon.


  1. i completely understand, Im feeling similarly. hope all is well, take care!

  2. Get well wishes being sent down the computer to you! Take care.

  3. We'll still be here when you start feeling better and inspired again:)


  4. It's totally understandable your absence.. don't worry. It's important that you get better, i was ill these last weeks as well so i wish you the best* I hope you have wonderful Easter celebrations and rest :)