Monday, 15 March 2010

LIFE: Random Wishes ....

... of things to achieve in my life in no particular order maybe most of them by the time I'm 30 [if not 35!]. I'm totally lacking blog inspiration at the moment being ill for the past however weeks gets me thinking;

#1. Move in with JJ. #2. Visit PA & Falling Water. #3. Stay in a cottage by the sea. #4. Own some [tiny] piece of Tiffany jewellery. #5. Be a qualified dispenser. #6. Marry my guy. #7. Finish that book I started writing ages ago [I really must dig that out again].

#8. Learn to knit.

#9. Try and become somewhat green fingered. #10. Own my own vintage shop come traditional English tea room. #11. Honeymoon in London in a posh hotel. #12. Pay off all my debts [practical and somewhat boring I know!]. #13. Visit Russia.
#14. Engage in baking and making cupcakes and cakes on weekends.

#15. Have babies. #16. Dine in the Ritz. #17. Print off all my blog entries and comment and keep them in a folder to keep for the future [I did start this and somehow stopped]. #18. Have that gingerbread man/women wedding cake. #19. Visit the Camden Passage Market. #20. Finally get around to seeing Mr and Mrs Andrews in the flesh [well hanging from the wall]. #21. Own our own 1930s home.

#22. Visit Paris.

#23. Adopt a child. #24. Learn which constellation is actually which. #25. Get my firefly and laurel flower tattoo. #26. Finally sort out and label all my photographs so I have at least some mild idea of who and where they were all taken.

What are your random wishes?


  1. Oh those cupcakes are gorgeous!

    I have loads of random wishes, I want to go and volunteer at a Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, learn Spanish, visit Japan, go to college to do my level 3 nails, have a nice little house just how I want. SO MANY WISHES! :-)

  2. Oh what a whole load of wishes before you reach 30! I don't have much time left before I hit 30 so I'll have to stretch it to 35:P

    Marry my boy, have the fairytale wedding I dream of, make cute babies, travel to Japan, learn how to cook, have my own lil boutique shop, own a Chanel bag, visit Disneyland....

  3. What an interesting post!
    You've got some fab ambitions.
    Mine are:
    1. To visit the Taj Mahal
    2. Master the art of crochet
    3. Sort out the spare bedroom

  4. Gosh that knitting diagram makes it seem so complicated >__< Both of my nans are amazing knitters, I love them both, they are always making me pieces of clothing when I ask them too, I think I'd like to complete a piece of clothing myself, so far I've only managed to make a scarf and a hat for my cat.

  5. What a lovely list of wishes, I so need to make one.

  6. Hmmm ... those are very worthwhile, random wishes!

    Right now, I just want a successful show!

  7. Such a great posts. I love to learn about people's ambitions and what they want from life. Writing them down like this makes them seem even more achievable!

    Some of mine are:

    To write a book and have it published
    To visit New York
    To live abroad
    To buy a house
    To own a pug dog! :)

  8. You all have some great ideas! I'm liking the idea of the Sloth sanctuary - they are so cute and I really do think you should give the crochet mastering a go Vix!

  9. I hope you're feeling better by now* Loved to read the wishlist. I really should think to do one myself..hmmm

  10. Just to tell, i gave you an award on my blog. Hope you like it***

  11. i love love love your blog! the layout is gorgeous. i would like to live abroad and adopt a child.

  12. what a wonderful list!! Never stop dreaming lady!

  13. Comme j'adore les cupcakes! c'est trop bonnnn ^^ la photo est très jolie

  14. cute post! I learned to knit on a circular loom, it was really easy. xoxo